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5 Wrong Manzanita Weather Assumptions

It's Time to Have a Serious Talk About Weather ...

Yep, we're addressing that often asked question for visitors to the Oregon Coast.

You've heard of the incredible beauty of the majestic Oregon Coast. Evergreens as tall as the sky. Sparkling Pacific Ocean, rocky shores and long sandy beaches.

manzanita weather

But are you, like many other visitors, asking that age old question ...

What's The Manzanita Weather Going To Be Like During Our Vacation?

Follow along as we get to the bottom of the weather in the Manzanita area and the northern Oregon coast. Let's find out the difference between incorrect assumptions and the real truth.

The Oregon Coast weather can be difficult to explain to those not familiar to the area.

One of the most often asked questions is regarding what will the weather be like during their vacation.

Unfortunately,  the only sure bet is sometimes you could do just as well forecasting the Manzanita weather with a coin toss!

Oregon coast weather is confusing to many visitors. January is thought to be the wettest month, but we've seen absolutely fabulous weather and sunny days in January. The last four Manzanita Polor Plunges on New Years Day have been gloriously sunny (special thanks to Janice Gaines of Spa Manzanita and SUP Manzanita for all her wonderful Polar Plunge organizing work).

Further, January 2016 had a total of 8 rain-free days, and a whopping 22 days with less than 1/4" of rain. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, Record of Climatological Observations 2/26/16.

Manzanita weather New Years
Manzanita Polar Plunge

What's not to love about our Oregon Coast off season?

So the answer to the oft asked question, "What's the weather going to be like for our vacation?" is this:

Who knows? But it should be wonderful!

Just be sure to bring layers (always a must for Oregon), and a rain jacket too. Just in case the coin toss ends up tails rather than heads!

And don't worry. If it is misting outside, chances are the weather will soon change. But in the meantime, be sure to read our blog posts about wonderful local rainy days actives throughout the area, or treasure hunting through the local antique stores!

Or make like an Oregonian, throw on your layers and take advantage of all the wonderful outdoor actives in the area.

We've never let a little rain stop us from having lots of fun!

On the other hand, while Oregon is known for rain, we rarely get the torrential downpours experienced throughout the rest of the United States. Ours is typically a misty rain which keeps our area beautiful and green.

weather manzanita oregon

What are the 5 Most Common Manzanita Weather and Oregon Coast Weather Assumptions?

Lucky you! We're here to give you the inside scoop. Follow along, and hopefully we'll answer most of your questions.

#1 Oregon Coast Weather Assumption: Manzanita Is Always Rainy and Cold

Ha! Do we have news for you!

Check out our 2015 Weather: Manzanita, Oregon vs. United States Averages infographic below, really a helpful Oregon Coast map for weather for all the surrounding areas.

Manzanita, Oregon vs. United States Averages infographic

The Houses On Manzanita Beach

The average daytime temperatures for Manzanita Oregon are above the national average in the offseason, and below the national average during the wonderful summer months!

Want more good news? Our average night-time temperatures are also above the national average in the offseason, and again, just perfectly below the national average in the summer months, when the rest of the U.S. is experiencing sweltering evenings.

And did you check out the total rainfall throughout the year? Enough to keep us green in the offseason, with below average rainfall mid-April through mid-September.

As you see, rainy weather is in the eye of the beholder, but we think our statistics look pretty good. Don't you?

#2 Oregon Coast Weather Assumption: Well, Fall Must Be Cold and Rainy

Fall is often one of the warmest times of the year in Manzanita Oregon and the rest of the Coast, thanks to the convergence of warmer waters, cooler temperatures inland and eastern air flow.

Oregon in the fall is known as the Second Summer on the coast.

weather in manzanita oregon

By the time September rolls around and the kids head back to school, the Pacific Ocean is at its warmest because of the balmy summer days. In the inland valley, things start getting cooler, evening out the temperature differences between valley and coast.

Manzanita weather in September allows for warmer air from the east and air flowing up from California, helping to warm things on the Coast even more as well as causing the afternoon winds to lessen.

In addition to this wonderful Second Summer, the heavier tourist season dies down with the schools back in session.

The other benefit? You’re likely to find the roads and beaches almost to yourself as the faster pace of summer makes way for the slower paced Second Summer.

Visitors often find Oregon Coast vacation rentals may start to lower their rates after Labor Day Weekend, and then continue dropping until they reach their lowest level in winter - except for the holidays.

This means great deals in increasing numbers as the fall months roll on.

weather forecast manzanita oregon

You'll find lots of things to do on the Oregon Coast in fall.

So are there cold and rainy days in the fall at the coast? Sure, some of our fall days call for inside cozy days. But you'll also see sunny or overcast days with little or no rain.

Don't let those off season figures fool you! For example, September 2014 only had 7 days of measurable rain, and the majority of them were far less than 1/4" of total rainfall.

Oregon Coast weather in October 2015 had 19 days with measurable rainfall, with only 7 of those days over 1/4" of rain for the day, and only 4 days with 1" or more of total precipitation. 

Our Oregon weather in November is similar. We can't count the number of Oregon Coast Thanksgivings where we've been taking advantage of Manzanita outdoor activities enjoying the sunny weather in t-shirts and shorts.

November 20 - 30, 2015 had less than 1/4" total measurable rainfall. Our family spent much of it out playing on the water! NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, Record of Climatological Observations 2/26/16.

#3 Oregon Coast Weather Assumption: Winter Means Cold and Rain 24/7

Not necessarily. Day and night-time winter temperatures are regularly above the U.S. average.

Let's look at December 2014. With 20 days of measurable precipitation, 11 of those days had less than 1/4" of rainfall, and only 7 out of those 20 days had rainfall greater than 1" for the day.

Let's look at coastal Oregon weather in January. As mentioned earlier, January 2016 had a total of 8 days without precipitation, and 22 days with less than 1/4" of rain.

February 2014 had 20 days with measurable rainfall -- 14 of those days were with less than 1/4" of total precipitation. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, Record of Climatological Observations 2/26/16.

Additionally, you'll often find differences up and down the coast. For instance, Rockaway Beach Oregon weather may be rainy, however if you travel north, you may find Manzanita Beach is sunny at the same time. It's always worth checking the various Oregon Coast small towns to see what the current weather might be.