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Best Places To Stay In Manzanita Oregon

Looking for the Best Manzanita Oregon Lodging?

Recently I received a call from a very unhappy vacationer. Their Manzanita home rental had been double booked, and they were the sad guests who had to find alternate accommodations on a very busy holiday weekend.

As our own oceanfront Manzanita rentals were solidly booked, I helped as best I could with alternative places to stay in Manzanita where they could look for lodging. Because what everyone wants to know ...

What are the best places to stay in Manzanita Oregon?

While I don't know who this beleaguered guest originally booked through, I wrote this post in order to help others wondering what are the best to stay in Manzanita Oregon? The best part of my work is helping travelers have great vacations!

Lately, with Coronavirus effecting all travel, guests looking for Manzanita lodging options are even more interested in finding out options for their stay. Safety and comfort are key.

Follow along, and we'll give you all the updates and possibilities in finding the perfect Manzanita lodging during the time of Coronavirus, or for a future Manzanita getaway when things return to our new normal.

Manzanita Oregon lodging, The Houses on Manzanita Beach

As many of you know - we love to talk about Manzanita. And while we own The Houses On Manzanita Beach, our own beachfront Manzanita rentals, we're glad to also help others who might prefer something different, our Manzanita vacation rentals might not be a good fit for their vacation, or are looking for something different than vacation rentals, such as our Manzanita Oregon hotels or Manzanita motels. Or even yurts in the nearby Nehalem Bay State Park. Manzanita is one of the most charming small towns in Oregon, and especially on the Coast.

So read on. As always, we're here to help!

Manzanita Rentals

We'll start with our personal favorite type of lodging, Manzanita rentals. But then, we're biased! And we've been known to shake up our own vacations a bit trying different types of lodging, home rentals, and camping, but we'll get to that later.

More and more, people are finding out about the attractions of the Manzanita Oregon area as it gains popularity, not only with travelers from Portland to Manzanita, but from outside the area too. We regularly talk to people on the east coast, even Florida, about vacationing on the Oregon coast. And word is getting out. They've heard about the beautiful Manzanita Oregon and want to join the fun.

The question always asked? Where's the best places to stay on the Oregon Coast?

Our answer? Manzanita!

Specifically, in Manzanita rentals!

Whether you're searching for an owner run Manzanita rental, a Manzanita Airbnb, a Manzanita VRBO, a Manzanita HomeAway, or another of the many site listing Manzanita vacation rentals, you'll find a large selection of Manzanita rental homes in our area.

However, you'll find we're a big proponent for booking directly with the rental owner.

Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Alex Jordan

As Manzanita becomes a more popular destination, the options on places to stay in Manzanita increase, particularly for Manzanita house rentals. So there are lots of beach house rentals to choose from.

With growth comes growing pains.

My suggestions for vacationers looking to rent Manzanita rentals? Do your research.

  • Read reviews.

  • Customer service should be great from the very start. A professional, courteous owner or Manzanita house rental agency with usually signal future professional, courteous interactions. Response time to your inquiry can indicate how quickly messages will be answered in the future.

  • Be as clear as possible regarding what you're looking for. My motto has been "you can always ask." For instance, just this week I received a request for 30 guests at our Historic Reed House which sleeps 20 guests. And a request to bring a pet to our one pet free house, our Oceanside Modern Cabin. Unfortunately we couldn't accommodate either of these requests to stay at our rentals, but that clear communication on the part of the potential guests adverted what would ultimately have been a bad fit for our particular homes.

  • Research the vacation rental owner or Manzanita house rental agency online. Are they professionally involved in any way, featured in an interview, article or blog post? Are they on social media? How long have they run their Manzanita rentals?

  • Trust your gut instinct. Do you really really want to book a particular Manzanita Rental house but something is giving you a red alert? It's kind of like that outfit you really love but really isn't for you. Trust your gut instinct. You'll find plenty of other Manzanita Vacation Rentals to select from. Big hint - Oregon coast craigslist is no longer a great place to find a vacation rentals. Scammers love to list fraudulent vacation rental listings on that particular site.

  • Check out this Manzanita Beach Life blog post offering more great insider tips from experienced vacation rental owners.

Oceanfront cabin, The Houses on Manzanita Beach

Alex Jordan

The Houses On Manzanita Beach

First on our list is our own beachfront Manzanita house rentals, The Houses On Manzanita Beach.

You might very well wonder who we are. I'm Kim Bergstrom, and our oceanfront Manzanita rentals on the beach is an extension of my father's dream of one day owning a beachfront vacation home on the Oregon Coast. After serving in WWII he attended nearby Pacific University, found his perfect dream spot of his vacation home here in Manzanita and built it in 1960. I grew up spending idyllic weekends and summers running barefoot around the area, solidifying my love of Manzanita.

So much that my husband Eric and I married in our yard next to the beach, and later took over care of the house as my father retired. Wanting to share our wonderful experience with others, we turned our family vacation home into a Manzanita home rental. This was long before Manzanita VRBO, Manzanita HomeAway, Manzanita Airbnb, and other megaliths advertising our area caught the eye of eager vacationers.

Our specialty has grown into remodeling oceanfront Manzanita houses to respect and enhance their original intent. Our Manzanita rentals are perfectly located only steps away from the incredible seven mile Manzanita beach, and within walking distance to the charming shops, restaurants, and the three grocery stores of Manzanita Oregon.

We're not a Manzanita rental agency, but are proprietors of our five incredible beachfront Manzanita rentals, equipped up to 6, 8, 10, 16, or 20 guests. We create, market, and are the customer service people, all rolled into one.

Check availability on our website, or contact us with questions. You will also find us listed under Manzanita VRBO, Manzanita Airbnb, and Manzanita HomeAway, in addition to the local Rockaway and Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce websites.

Looking for hostels Oregon Coast style? The closest Manzanita hostels would be the Seaside Hostel and the Norblad Hotel and Hostel.

Manzanita House Rental Agencies

Manzanita House Rental Agencies

There are several Manzanita rental agencies in town. Since we have our own accommodations, I can't give you my personal experience. Several have been in business for years, and some come and go. Meredith Lodging (formerly Manzanita Rentals) , Sunset Vacation Rentals, and OceanEdge Manzanita Vacation Rentals are amongst the oldest, although OceanEdge Manzanita Vacation Rentals was recently purchased by Sunset Vacation Rentals Manzanita.

Manzanita Beach Getaway Rentals and Beach Break Vacation Rentals are both relatively new, with Manzanita Beach Getaway Rentals recently relocating from Nehalem to Manzanita, and Beach Break Vacation Rentals still located in Nehalem. Starfish Luxury Rentals is also fairly new, originally from Cannon Beach and Arch Cape from Portland, and moving into the Manzanita area.

Vacasa has included Manzanita rentals in listings and are not located on the coast.

What we can offer is that Manzanita business people are hard-working and trying their best to help, especially in the busy summer season. Be as specific as possible regarding what type of accommodation you're looking for. We're sure there is a Manzanita vacation rental perfect for your Manzanita beach getaway vacation.

Manzanita Home Rental Listing Sites

Manzanita Home Rental Listing Sites

You're probably already heard of Vacation Rentals By Owners (better known as VRBOHomeAway, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and more. It seems like more are jumping on the bandwagon on a monthly basis.

Why? Because travelers love staying at vacation rentals when traveling. Many travelers are diehard fans of particular sites which have served them well. Around here, the term Manzanita VRBO or Manzanita Airbnb have been so often used, they've become another way to say a Manzanita Vacation Rental.

It's also important to be aware of what you're being charged to use your favorite site. All of these sites now charge guest fees. Find out more about this on our blog post addressing service fees. Don't be surprised by unexpected fees added to your vacation!

Manzanita Oregon Hotels and Motels

Manzanita Oregon Hotels and Motels

The list of traditional hotel and motel lodging in Manzanita is not large for the simple reason that keeps Manzanita small and charming. There's a limited amount of land to be developed, situated between Oswald West State Park and Neahkahnie Mountain to the north, and Nehalem Bay State Park to the south.

The offerings in this area are a bit tricky, so we looked up the actual definition of a motel versus a hotel. We went with Quora's definition: Motels have exterior corridors: you can park directly in front of your room (quite often, if you're on the ground floor, you can park directly in front of your door). Usually.

By that definition, all of the traditional lodging in Manzanita consists of motels. We will list them by location, from beachfront heading east.

Sunset Surf and Ocean Inn at Manzanita are beachfront. Inn at Manzanita and Spindrift Inn are next. San Dune Inn follows, and lastly are the Coast Cabins.

Camping Options for Manzanita Oregon

Camping Options for Manzanita Oregon

Remember the issue about what keeps Manzanita Oregon small and charming? This also keeps the camping options to a minimum. As mentioned, we're surrounded by two spectacular state parks. Oswald West to the north recently ended camping due to cutbacks. Nehalem Bay State Park has an official campground that accepts reservations. You even have the option to stay in a yurt! Be sure to reserve your spot well in advance, as spaces quickly book up.

Lots of Manzanita Oregon Lodging Options For Visitors

There are many Manzanita lodging options for travelers, from Manzanita rentals to traditional style Manzanita Motels and Hotels, and of course Manzanita Oregon camping - even fun yurts.

We hope you've enjoyed our overview and find a great place to stay in Manzanita Oregon. Please do let us know if you have further questions. We're here to help!

Happy Travels Everyone ~

Thank you for reading our blog about life around our Manzanita area, and the incredible Oregon Coast! Not surprisingly, we think Manzanita is one of the best small towns in Oregon.

Interested in staying at one of our oceanfront Manzanita rentals? Contact us for information about our beachfront vacation rentals on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

Beautiful Manzanita Vacation Rentals

The more the merrier! Feel free to share our Manzanita Beach Life post using the links below ~

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