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Ultimate Packing List for Oregon Coast Vacations

Our blog post The Absolutely Essential (Almost!) Packing List for Your Oregon Coast Trip covered the whys and wherefores regarding what to bring for your vacation at the coast.

We thought we'd add to that by creating the ultimate packing list list of the top items you'll need on to bring with you. A checklist, of sorts.

Here's the Top 20 Things to Pack for Your Oregon Coast Vacation:

We thought we'd add to that by creating the ultimate packing list list of the top items you'll need on to bring with you. A checklist, of sorts.T

  1. Sunscreen - always the top contender, rain or shine.

  2. Sunglasses - you never know when you might need them. This November has seen lots of sunshine!

  3. Hat - depending on the season, might want a hat for sun or for warmth.

  4. Shirts - long or short sleeved depending on the season, although we'd suggest including both year round.

  5. Pants - we include shorts for most of the year, particularly for younger or adventurous visitors who like to wade through tide pools or surf.

  6. Sweater - always, no matter the season.

  7. Hoodie - always, no matter the season.

  8. Fleece jacket - always comes in handy.

  9. Rain coat - always, no matter the season. We like a lighter shell for layering that can double as a windbreaker.

  10. Socks - as desired.

  11. Shoes - including hiking boots to take advantage of wonderful Oregon Coast hiking trails.

  12. Rubber boots - seasonal, but come in handy for kids who like to dig and play in the water.

  13. Flip flops - always, either to head to the beach on warm days, quick run around shoes, or indoor shoes. And bring the inexpensive kind, so you won't mind leaving them on the beach while you run around.

  14. Hair and personal items - hair ties for those that need it, brush or comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

  15. Camera - or depend on your phone camera.

  16. Water bottle - save money and waste.

  17. Dog waste bags - if bringing your pet.

  18. Tide Table – pick one up at a local Oregon Coast store or check here.

  19. Debit and Charge Card

  20. A goodie bag - you never know what treasures you might find!

What do you think - did we forget something from your own list that you can't do without when traveling to the Oregon Coast? Let us know and we'll add it to our post.

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Have a great vacation at the Oregon Coast ~

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