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Best Seafood Oregon Coast Style

Many visitors to our oceanfront Oregon Coast vacation rentals want to know -

Where is the best Oregon Coast Seafood?

Lots of people can recommend the best seafood restaurants on the Oregon Coast, and we'll write about that in another Manzanita Beach Life blog post.

Today we're focusing on places to buy the best, freshest seafood Oregon Coast style!

Seaside Seafood
Bell Buoy Seaside Seafood

Follow along, and we'll let you in on our Insiders Tips for places to buy the best Oregon Coast seafood.

Astoria Seafood

Northwest Wild Products. If you're looking for Astoria seafood markets, stop by Northwest Wild Products for some fresh Oregon seafood. Located on the Astoria Oregon docks at the Port of Astoria West Mooring Basin, one block south of the Cannery Pier Hotel.

Josephsons Smokehouse. Okay, including Josephsons Smokehouse in a post about fresh Oregon Coast seafood is admittedly cheating, but we couldn't resist! Josephsons has been a family favourite since it's inception, and carries on the local Astoria seafood Scandinavian tradition with incredible smoked fresh Oregon seafood. Stop by - you won't regret it!

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: If you're looking to enjoy Astoria seafood, mark you calendars for the annual Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival in April. You'll love the great coastal cuisine, arts and crafts, wine tasting and lots more.

astoria seafood
Northwest Wild Products Sells Astoria Seafood

Seaside Seafood

Bell Bouy Seaside. A family owned northern Oregon Coast institution, Bell Bouy is both a Seaside seafood market and Seaside restaurant serving a limited menu. I remember stopping by for a family treat of crab cocktails when I was young. The Bell Bouy menu has expanded to include such favorites at fish and chips, prawns and chowder.

But back to the fresh Bell Bouy seafood. It's reliably fresh and the selection is good. Not only that, if you're now on the coast they now have a delivery option. How lucky is that?

Cannon Beach Seafood

Ecola Seafood. Ecola Seafood has been a part of the Cannon Beach community since 1933. Their seafood cases are stocked from their two fishing vessels that fun along the Oregon and Washington coastlines.

Ecola Seafood prides itself on "wild" caught Pacific seafood (line caught), and specializes in the following:

Fresh Oregon Troll Caught King Chinook Salmon Fresh Halibut Fresh Dungeness Crab Meat and Whole Cooked Crab Fresh Oregon Shrimp Meat Willapa Bay Oysters

Steamer Clams Breaded Razor Clams

Ecola Seafood is also a Cannon Beach restaurant and also has prepared food which can be eaten at their shop.

Manzanita Beach Life note: Ecola Seafood unfortunately had an electrical fire at their shop. Happily, they're scheduled to be reopening early winter 2018.

ecola seafood
Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach Oregon

Manzanita Seafood

Those looking for seafood in Manzanita Oregon have two options.

Manzanita Market - The Little Apple Grocery has a small yet really good seafood department. If you know in advance you'll need a certain seafood item, give them a call and they'll do their best to fill your order. (503) 368-5362

Manzanita Fresh Foods also has a seafood counter, and they're happy to help. (503) 368-5250

Rockaway Beach Seafood

Kelly's Brighton Marina is located just south of Wheeler. Rent a boat and equipment and harvest your seafood yourself. The wonderful Kelly's staff will even shell and cook your catch.

Or take advantage of the extremely fresh seafood sold at Kelly's Brighton Marina, harvested by them. You can't go wrong with either option. Kelly's Brighton Marina is a fan favorite.

Jetty Fishery Marina & R V Park. Like Kelly's Brighton Marina, the Jetty Fishery Marina has the option of catching your own seafood with their rentals, or purchasing directly from them.

You'll find many Oregon Coast visitors regularly stop by the Jetty Fishery Marina for their favorite seafood purchases.

fishpeople seafood
Fishpeople Seafood Market

Garibaldi Seafood

Fishpeople Seafood Market. You'll find Fish people on the Garibaldi docks, so don't be surprised to see your dinner being unloaded from the the fishing boats right before your eyes.

As one reviewer stated: Coolest little seafood market on the coast!  How can you go wrong with fresh fish right off the dock?? The crab is amazing!!!

Founded in 2012 by two partners to “re-imagine consumers’ relationship to the sea”. The partners work on a passion for sustainability are helping restore habitats, fuel local coastal communities and bring new ease, excitement and peace of mind to fish lovers nationwide with a line of products to help make great seafood simple and accessible.

The Garibaldi Cannery. Like other Garibaldi seafood markets, The Garibaldi Cannery is right on the docks where often you see their products being unloaded from the fishing boats. This seafood market has a lot of fans, and has two locations in Garibaldi.

The Spot. 304 Morning Basin Dr., Garibaldi (503) 322-0080 The Spot is a favourite of many north Coast regulars. Not only do they stock fresh seafood right off the boats, they'll clean your catch for you too.

seafood Oregon Coast
Shopping for seafood Oregon Coast style!

Garibaldi Bay Market. 705 Garibaldi Ave., Garibaldi (503) 322-3270. The jury is out as this local market is under new ownership, but we're hearing good things about what the new owners are trying to do. Not only that, locals can give you great Insiders Tips on what's good in the seafood world.

Bay City Seafood

The Fish Peddler At Pacific Oyster. 5150 Hayes Oyster Dr., Bay City, OR 97107

Most visitors don't realize when they're passing through Bay City. Just south of the more well known Garibaldi, Bay City is home to the famed Pacific Oyster.

The Fish Peddler At Pacific Oyster is a combination seafood market and restaurant with a few tables. Oysters, of course, are king here, but you'll find many daily catches. It's worth a stop.

Tillamook Seafood

Jandy Oyster Company. 703 Ivy St., Tillamook. (503) 812-0253 Locals know this is one of the best places to get your oysters in Tillamook.

Nevør Shellfish Farm. 6060 Whiskey Creek Rd., Tillamook (503) 812-5071. Another local favourite for several different oyster species such as Kumamoto, Olympia, Nevor Netarts, and Torkes. You'll enjoy their oysters.

pacific oyster
Luscious Oregon Oysters from Pacific Oyster

Pacific City Seafood

Cape Kiwanda Seafood Market & Store. 33315 Cape Kiwanda Dr., Pacific City, (503) 965-6412

Cape Kiwanda Seafood Market & Store is one of those small town stores that stock a little of everything. They have a small seafood case with various catches and oysters.

Chester’s Thriftway. Like Cape Kiwanda Seafood Market & Store, Chester's is a small town store stocking a little of everything. There are many locals that appreciate their seafood selection.

Happy Oregon Coast seafood hunting everyone ~

Thanks for stopping by to travel with us in search of the best, freshest Oregon Coast seafood available.

Interested in learning more about our oceanfront Oregon Coast vacation rentals? Feel free to contact us with questions. We're here to help!

freshest Oregon Coast seafood

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