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In Search of Oregon Coast Sea Glass

Who doesn't love the colors of the sea, blues, greens and aquas, especially when in smooth or sparkly sea glass?

Many of our guests at our oceanfront Manzanita Beach rentals have asked us where to find the rumoured sea glass beach on the Oregon Coast.

sea glass beach oregon
Sea Glass Heaven - Vladivostok Russia

Ironically, sea glass is found in greatest quantities where there was originally lots of glass trash and discards. The best example of that is Vladivostok Beach, on the Sea of Japan. What was once a Soviet era bottle dump is now a mecca for sea glass hunters.

We love how mother nature takes unwanted shards of glass, wears it smooth over time, and deposits beautiful gems on our shores.

glass beach Oregon
Where's the best glass beach Oregon Coast style?

Here on the Oregon Coast, there are many spots where one may find sea glass treasures. Sea glass treasure hunters enjoy our coastal beaches from Astoria south to the Brookings area.

Sea glass can be spotted easier amongst the southern rocky beaches rather than the smooth sandy beaches of the northern Oregon Coast -- although don't worry, as the northern coastline can also yield a treasure trove of sea glass.

glass beach oregon
Finding a treasure trove of glass at the beach in Oregon

When is the best time to find sea glass on the Oregon Coast?

We love our storms on the Oregon Coast! And they're great for tossing sea glass treasure up on the shore.

However, while winter and spring do offer a better chance to find sea glass after seasonal storms, there's no specific time that's best for finding sea glass. On the other hand searching for sea glass after a coastal storm with high winds offers a better chance of finding treasures washed in by large waves. Summers tend to bring in sand to our beaches, making the search for sea glass more challenging.

moolack beach
Finding sea glass at Moolack Beach

The good news? Pick the right time of day to search for sea glass and you'll have much greater luck!

You'll find a fresh, pristine beach perfect for your Oregon sea glass search two hours after high tide. Check out the National Weather Service for the best Oregon Tide Tables.

What is the best beach to find sea glass on the Oregon Coast?

What is the best beach to find sea glass on the Oregon Coast?

  • Cannon Beach at Haystack Rock

  • Arcadia Beach

  • Short Sand Beach

  • Bay Ocean at Tillamook Bay

  • Short Beach

  • Oceanside

  • Cape Perpetua

  • Beverly Beach

  • Moolack Beach

  • Seal Rock State Park

  • Harris Beach State Park

  • Gold Beach

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: We've had luck finding sea glass in Oregon at the above listed beaches. Keep an eye out for areas surrounded by cliffs or rock formations, tide pools or deposits from streams. It's a good place to start.

We find the off season, now called the shoulder season, is the best time to find beach glass, as there are less people and the storms bring in glass in the frothy waves.

Want to visit some of the other fun beach areas?

Check out these best beaches in Oregon for kids. Or take a hike to get a great view of the famed Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. Maybe visit Arch Cape or Hug Point beaches.

Happy Oregon sea glass hunting everyone ~

Interested in staying at our very kid friendly oceanfront Manzanita rentals? Contact us for information about vacationing on the beautiful Manzanita Oregon.

The Historic Reed House
Family celebrations at The Historic Reed House

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