The Absolutely Essential (Almost!) Packing List for Your Oregon Coast Trip

Whether heading to Manzanita Beach or other fabulous Oregon Beach vacations, we've got you covered!

Oregon Coast Vacation

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This month we're talking creating a packing list for your trip to the beach. And making it fun! Exciting! Something new!

Don't believe me? After over 22 years of experience with our Oregon Coast vacation rentals and even longer growing up in the area, we have lots of experience. Read on and well show you how...

packing list for oregon coast trip

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So is this you unloading your car? Or is this your husband, wife or partner taking care of vacation unpacking before heading to the coast?

If so, you can stop right here. You're in good hands. So to speak.

Or is your family's packing style a little less organized?

If you're looking for simply a list of items to take, check out our list of Top 20 Items to Pack for Your Coast Vacation. If you want to learn more, follow along and we'll let you in on some great things to include for your Oregon beach getaway!

The Best Packing List for the Oregon Coast
Packing for Your Manzanita Oregon Vacation?

Obviously you have all the basics covered. So what are the essentials you forgot? Or even those items which will make your vacation even that much more special? We've got some suggestions -- follow along with the fun.

1. Drinks and Eats. 

Nope, not more meal planning. We're talking icing on the cake!

Packing List for Your Oregon Coast Trip

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AeroPress Coffee Maker

At most beach vacation rentals or other lodging including our own Manzanita Rentals, you'll find a coffee maker included.  

Nevertheless, my husband Eric still swears the AeroPress is the best coffee maker. Ever. He always takes his on vacation. Especially to our beach houses. The perfect way to savor a cup of good coffee is while taking a morning walk on Manzanita Beach.

The AeroPress was created by local Aerobie (see below) founder and Stanford engineer Alan Adler. A wide range of coffee aficionados, from amateurs to professionals all praise the smooth, rich flavor of coffee made with the AeroPress. The very big plus is this little beauty gives you the ability to control the strength of the coffee any way you like it, just about anywhere you want to make it.

The AeroPress runs around $29.00, plus you'll need filters or a reusable screen, but Eric will guarantee it's worth it.

Ha - just kidding! But give it a try and see what you think.

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