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Best Beaches in Oregon for Kids

Yep, we're biased.

We think the northern Oregon Coast has the best beaches in Oregon, specifically in this case THE best beaches in Oregon for kids!

The rugged surroundings makes for incredible views behind the spectacular long sandy beaches, which is a plus for both parents and kids.

Best Beaches in Oregon
Where Are The Best Beaches in Oregon for Kids?

But more importantly, we're here to answer your question:

Where are the best beaches in Oregon for kids?

The answer? Manzanita Beach, Cannon Beach, Seaside Beach, Fort Stevens State Park, Pacific Beach, and Rockaway Beach.

Our favorite, of course, is Manzanita Beach. But follow along and we'll tell you exactly why these are the best beaches in Oregon for kids.

You'll note all of these beaches are northern Oregon Coast beaches. Why do we think the northern Oregon Coast beaches are best beaches in Oregon for kids - and families, too?

Not only are our northern Oregon Coast beaches perfectly situated amongst the towering mountains forming our Oregon coast range, the long sandy beaches each offers wonderful things to do for kids. And harkens back to a simpler life of the original Oregon beach towns.

Fort Stevens State Park Weather
Beautiful Fort Stevens State Park Weather

We'll start at the northern most of the best Oregon beaches.

Fort Stevens State Park

On the western boundary of 4,300 acre Fort Stevens State Park you'll find a long sandy beach perfect to kids and parents. The beaches at Fort Stevens State Park is truly a hidden gem, with little chance of heavy crowds sometimes found in Seaside and Cannon Beach. Tall dunes separate the beach from the rest of the park and give visitors a sense of getting away from it all.

But there's lots to do here. Make like a pirate and explore the remains of the 1906 wreck of the Peter Irdale, or try the plentiful and very kid friendly hiking and bike trails. Or dig for Oregon razor clams - kid's love the search!

Take time to explore the abandoned Fort Stevens, the only military installation in the continental United States to receive hostile fire during World War II. During the summer the park offers a walking tour or thrill your kids and take a tour in an authentic army jeep.

Things To Do In Seaside Oregon
Lots of Fun Things To Do In Seaside Oregon

Seaside Beach

Seaside fans flock to this beach, and many think of it as a kid beach in itself, as it's often compared to the east coast Coney Island with it's carnival-like atmosphere of the main street leading the the broad sandy beach. But this contender for the best beach in Oregon has more than the sand and shore to attract families.

Stop by the Seaside Aquarium. It's small size and approachability makes for kid friendly fun. Or check out the Seaside Carousal Mall with the many stores offering souvenirs and a yummy candy store. Or try the Finland Arcade where you'll find carnival type food and games.

Spending a rainy evening in Seaside? Never fear, the Seaside Cinema offers the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

But Seaside isn't just about the boardwalk. Go outside, because there's lots of things to do in Seaside Oregon! Like Fort Stevens State Park, the Seaside Beach area offers a great place for clamming with kids in Oregon. Or kayak or stand up paddle board on the Necanicum River, enjoying the leisurely pace of the gentle waters. It's tons of fun, and you may catch sight of a Heron or two.

S'more's on Cannon Beach Oregon
Enjoying a S'more's on Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach

Travel a bit further south and you'll find the popular and well known Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is renowned for a beautiful long, wide beach, overlooked by Haystack Rock. Kids will enjoy poking through tidepools at the base of Haystack. Fly kites on the beach after visiting Cannon Beach kite shops such as Once Upon a Breeze or the Kite Factory.

Ride the beach! Book a horseback riding trip through Sea Ranch RV Park or Oregon Beach Rides. Or check out Family Fun Cycles and rent fun cycles for family members.

Or wander through the many Cannon Beach shops kids will enjoy such as Geppetto's Toy Shoppe or Bruce's Candy Kitchen. Savor a leisurely yummy Cannon Beach Breakfast the whole family will enjoy.

Kid Friendly Manzanita Beach
Family Friendly Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach is, of course, our favorite best beach in Oregon for kids! Our long, seven mile sandy beach is not only more approachable and the pace of life is slower. Not only that, we're surrounded by Nehalem Bay State Park, Oswald West State Park, and Nehalem Bay to the east.

Rent boogie board equipment and hit the waves - but be sure to educate yourself on Oregon beach safety. Check out Bahama Mama's for fun cycles or other beach and road bikes. Manzanita Oregon is a great place for kid friendly bike rides, including along the paths of Nehalem Bay State Park.

You'll also find easy access to kayaking on the nearby Nehalem River, boating crabbing, fishing and clamming around the Nehalem Bay area. Or take advantage of the summer Nehalem Bay State Park horse riding concession and explore Manzanita Beach by horseback. Or hope on one of the Oregon Coast Railriders cars and see the area by the rail.

After a day at the beach wander through the kid friendly Manzanita shops Manzanita Sweets and Toylandia. Enjoy kid friendly pampering at Spa Manzanita. Or enjoy our favortie Manzanita restaurants Left Coast Siesta, breakfast at Wanda's Cafe and other terrific affordable Manzanita restaurants.

Or check out these other kid friendly things to do in Manzanita Beach. You and your family will love Manzanita Oregon!

Kid Friendly Rockaway Beach
Family Friendly Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

There's lots to do in and around Rockaway Beach Oregon. As we mentioned in the Manzanita Oregon area, Nehalem Bay is located between Manzanita Beach and Rockaway Beach, and the fun things to do around there.

Not only is Rockaway Beach wide and sandy, offering all the family friendly things to do in Rockaway Beach such as renting Funcycles or poking through the very kid friendly Rockaway Beach shops

Be sure to stop at the fun Rockaway Beach restaurants which appeal to kids such as the Cow Belle Cafe, Grumpy's Cafe or The Offshore Grill (which is sure to please the whole family).

Not only is Rockaway Beach perfect for kids, you'll find there are lot more things to do in Rockaway Beach, and many Rockaway Beach events like the Oregon Kite Festival, the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival, and the Firecracker Weiner Nationals.

Or take a ride on the Oregon Scenic Railway. You'll enjoy seeing the vintage steam engines welcoming fans of all ages.

Head south of Rockaway Beach you'll find wonderful fishing and crabbing in Garibaldi on Tillamook Bay. Or stop by Kilchis Reserve for a wonderful easy hike or take a Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour.

Pacific City Dory Launch
Check Out the Pacific City Dory Launch

Pacific City Beach

Pacific City Beach may be the quiet, shy sister beach compared to the other best beaches in Oregon, but nonetheless Pacific City is a terrific location for family vacations in Oregon.

Pacific City Beach is one of the last remaining places in the United States to watch the dorys launch from the beach. Kids love the spectacle! Be sure to visit in June and enjoy the Dory Days Festival celebrating the local pride in the area regarding their dory tradition and heritage.

Pelican Pub & Brewery in Pacific City is right on the beach featuring incredible views of the famous Pacific City Haystack Rock. Adults will enjoy the Pelican Brewery craft beer and Pelican Pub & Brewery menu items the whole family will love. Best of all? The kids can play on the beach while adults enjoy a leisure meal.

Or enjoy the traditional nearby sand dune. Kids will wear themselves out running up and down the sandy dune. What better way to make sure the kids are tired at bedtime?

Oregon Coast Range
Best Kid Friendly Beaches in the Oregon Coast Range

Best Oregon Beach - Runners Up

Lincoln City Beach

Check out the annual Lincoln City yearly glass float event, Finders Keepers. Lincoln City hides hundred of glass float on the beach for visitors to discover. Search the long Lincoln City beach and try finding a commemorative glass float. The whole family will enjoy it!

Or try visiting Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Newport Oregon. Kids will enjoy the odd curiosities from world. Or stop by the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It's one of our favorites. Many of our visitors what to know how long it takes to get to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. From Tillamook to Newport is about 1,5 hours.

Be sure to stop by one of the family friendly restaurants near the Newport Aquarium. Strong's Brick Oven Pizzeria Newport, Five Guys Burgers for terrific burgers, Yolk Street Cafe for an old fashioned family cafe, or stop by Hofbrauhaus Newport for a traditional German song and food experience.

The whole family will love Whale Watching in Depoe Bay. You'll find many whale watching tour services to choose from, including Whale Research ExoExcursion and Dockside Charters. Enjoy whale watching Oregon Coast style!

How fun is Sandboarding? Stop by Florence, Oregon and find out. Love snowboarding? You'll love Sandboarding on the sand dunes! Rent a Sandboard for around $10, or take lessons for approximate $45. Sand Master Park includes 40 acres of sculpted, private dunes to try out your Sandboarding style. You'll also find other things to do in Florence Oregon such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, or helicopter and dune buggy tours.

What's your favorite kids beach?

Enjoy Your Favorite Best Oregon Beach Coast ~

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oregon coast vacation rentals
Kid Friendly Manzanita Vacation Rentals

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