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Beach Wheelchairs in Manzanita and the Oregon Coast

Are you frustrated looking for beach wheelchair rental places on the Oregon Coast and Manzanita areas? We can help!

Have you ever tried to push an occupied wheelchair through sand?

Not an easy task at all. And we know a day at the beach should be fun for all - not filled with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

You're in luck. Manzanita was the only beach community on the North Oregon coast to lend visitors the free use of beach wheelchairs, also known as sand wheelchairs. We're now happy to report Cannon Beach and now Seaside have joined in offering beach wheelchairs to visitors to help everyone have fun at the beach.

And 2021 has started off right! The tourism Visit Tillamook Coast has donated three beach wheelchairs to the communities of Rockaway Beach, Pacific City, and Manzanita Oregon. The new wheelchair will replace a much used one at the Manzanita Visitor's Center that needs replacing as many vacationers took advantage of the needed extra mobility to enjoy Manzanita Beach.

Battery Powered Track Beach Wheelchairs Now Available in Manzanita and other Communities!

2023 was even better! The Tillamook Coast Visitors Association has provided battery powered track chairs to the city of Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Nehalem Bay State Park, Barview Jetty County Campground, Pacific City, and Cape Lookout State Park. The track wheelchairs are from David's Chairs. Unlike basis wheelchairs, they don't need to be pushed and allow users to navigate the chair via a toggle switch. This control switch can also be used by a person next to the track chair.

The funds for the track chairs came from anonymous donors. It's much appreciated, whomever you are! They will provide much joy.

Manzanita is the first location to receive a track chair. The other communities will soon receive theirs and couldn't be more excited. The coastal communities of Seaside, Newport and Brookings will also be receiving track chairs.

For the track chairs, reserve beach wheelchair for your Oregon Coast vacation here.

Beach wheelchair rental free use
Beach wheelchair free use

One of the things we love about Manzanita is the wonderful diversity of people getting together with a common love of the Manzanita beach and the surrounding areas. There's so much to do here, whether enjoying the many beach activities, the beauty of the surrounding areas of Neahkahnie Mountain and local state parks, the Nehalem Valley and the beauty of the Nehalem Bay.

We're thrilled that Manzanita is at the forefront of making our incredible seven mile beach accessible to those who find a sandy beach a hardship.

We're also thrilled that both Cannon Beach, and now Seaside, have joined in the fun and offering adult beach wheelchairs and child beach wheelchairs. You can read more about it here.

The three Manzanita beach wheelchairs are available through the Manzanita Visitors Center. Manzanita Oregon has two adult wheelchairs and one child sized wheelchair that visitors may borrow. While many are frustrated with the search to find beach wheelchair rentals, visitors to Manzanita will find our three are free of charge.

Cannon Beach Wheelchairs

And many beach vacationers do look for beach wheelchair rentals. According to Dan Haag, coordinator extraordinaire of our Manzanita Visitors Center and, they receive "inquiries from visitor organizations in Astoria, all the way down to Yachats. No other visitor organization or chamber up and down this stretch of coast offers the beach wheelchair service."

Fortunately for those that need the assistance, Cannon Beach and Seaside have since followed the lead of Manzanita and offer beach wheelchairs to visitors to their popular beach community.

“They’re just wheelchairs with really big, rubber tires," explained Kristin Grasseth, administrative assistant for the city of Manzanita. “People get to take their grandma to the beach, who may not have gone in years, children and adults with disabilities or ailing siblings. It's good to be with their family on the beach. It brings tears to your eye from time to time.”

The city of Manzanita also helps maintain the beach wheelchairs, according to Grasseth. "Public Works oil the chairs and get the sand off, so they don’t rust."

beach wheelchair rentals free
beach wheelchair rentals free

The wheelchairs were donated to the city of Manzanita in 2008. Originally housed in the now closed Manzanita Bikes and Boards, the wheelchairs were then moved to the Manzanita City Hall, but are now permanently located at the Manzanita Visitor's Center.

Fortunately Manzanita received a grant to build an extension to the Visitor’s Center to house the beach wheelchairs. Conveniently located at the west end of the main street of Manzanita, Laneda, visitors may now find them closer to the beach.

And the Manzanita Visitors Center is open on weekends when many visit the Oregon beach.

wheelchairs for the beach free
wheelchairs for the beach free

Not only do we offer free beach wheelchairs to visitors, in June of 2008 Manzanita built the Path to the Pacific!

The Path to the Pacific ramp for wheelchairs and an easy beach access for visitors is located where the main street of Manzanita meets the beach. It was dedicated as a memorial to Bud Kretsinger, original owner of the San Dune Tavern and beloved member of the community.

The Path to the Pacific was built with the financial assistance of Tillamook County, The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, and the Nehalem Bay Senior Affairs Forum. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department awarded the project a $50,000 grant, followed by a matching donation from a local resident.

The Nehalem Bay Seniors Affair Forum initiated the path project, with long time Neahkahnie resident Carol Povey heading up the drive as a lead coordinator and fundraiser.

Beach wheelchairs have been moved from Manzanita City Hall and are now permanently at the Visitors Center. They can be reserved seven days a week by calling (503) 812-5510.

Or stop at the Manzanita Visitor's Center Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: Feeling handy? Check here for instructions detailing how to build your own beach wheelchair.

Flying into Portland and need a wheelchair van rental in Portland? Check out Performance Mobility, (888) 707-0456.

Visitors to nearby Cannon Beach can find out more here or by calling Cannon Beach City Hall at (503) 440-2598.

Seaside Beach Wheelchairs are managed by the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District. For more information and reservations contact Bob Chisholm Community Center staff at (503) 738-7393. Reservations are completely free and will be made on a first-come, first-served basis for a maximum of four hours

Rockaway Beach Wheelchairs can be reserved by contacting Victor and Jenn Troxel, owners of Troxel's Rock Garden. You'll find them opposite from Rockaway Beach wayside. Their phone number is (541) 418-2842 or email at

Pacific City Beach Wheelchairs reserve a beach wheelchair in Pacific City, email

Other Beach Opportunities For Those Needing Assistance

You'll find other opportunities near Manzanita and other coastal communities for those needing assistance. The city of Rockaway now has a modified beach walker and a child's beach wheelchair.

In Wheeler, Garibaldi and Tillamook, you'll find kayak launchers.

Even better, Tillamook County Visitor's Association has plans for additional mobility equipment to help more enjoy the wonderful Oregon Coast! So stay tuned for more wonderful news.

We appreciate you stopping by, and hope this information has been helpful. We've been in the same situation as many out there, and often it's hard to find the needed assistance.

When visiting the northern Oregon Coast, be sure to check out some of our fun activities:

Wishing you lots of fun for all on Manzanita Beach!

Want to learn more about our oceanfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals on our beautiful seven mile north Oregon Coast beach? Contact us for more information.

Manzanita Vacation Rentals, The Houses on Manzanita Beach
Manzanita Vacation Rentals, The Houses on Manzanita Beach

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