We Made a Movie!

How Excited Am I?

I made like Sofia Coppola and made a movie! Can you tell I'm hopping up and down with excitement??

My ideas never start as a little kernel of an idea.

Nope, those that know me know my motto is ... Go Big or Go Home!

I had an idea; I had a vision of what I wanted.

The next problem was, who would shoot and edit my big idea?

So what did I do? Checked out all the Portland, Oregon video production companies. And found the one I liked best.

And pitched my idea. Naïve me.

But you never know unless you ask (my second motto).

The crazy guy said yes.

So I loaded up my car with "props" and met the video guy at the beach.

Who was the crazy guy?

Travis Shields of Shields Films, winner of 5 Telly Awards and a slew of other well deserved recognition. Take a look at his videos -- including wonderful documentaries -- on his website.

I have good taste. And he had the patience of a saint in working with me.

That's Travis being his mellow self.

Three days of shooting. Plus a guy with a drone.

Lots of Travis waiting while perfectionist me ran around positioning props and fluffing.

Back home, his video editor Nadia Izakson took over. Did I mention she, too, has the patience of a saint?

Are we seeing a trend here?

The Big Reveal

Don't you love it?

Did I mention I was able to obtain permission to use the music of the wonderful local favorite Pink Martini?

Can you tell I'm over the moon excited?

I love it!

I hope you do too.

p.s. A big thanks to Travis Shields and Nadia Izakson of Shields Films, and Pink Martini. You're all the best!


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