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5 Best Breakfasts at Wanda’s Cafe

Our oceanfront Manzanita vacation rental guests often ask where's the best breakfast is in the Manzanita Beach area. We're about to let you in on a favourite.

Ready for a scrumptious breakfast Wanda's Cafe? Follow along because the we have great Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tips for this fabulous Nehalem restaurant.

Wanda's Cafe
Lines? No Problem! Wait in Wanda's Charming Courtyard

By The Houses On Manzanita Beach Assistant Annika

UPDATE: Wanda's has been sold to wonderful new owners, Frank and Patrick Squillo. They're basically keeping one of our favourite Manzanita restaurants -- in the three villages area -- and putting a bit of polish on it. Original owner Wendy Crosta will stay on for awhile and help in the transition.

Visitors will eventually find a brand new courtyard with a heating system for customers waiting for a table. And games to play while your waiting!

Stop on by to welcome to Frank and Patrick!


Manzanita Oregon and Nehalem are extremely close. In fact, they’re just two miles apart. So, chances are if you’ve been to Manzanita Oregon you’ve ventured into Nehalem. And, the very first thing you’ll see coming into Nehalem from highway 101 is the adorable Wanda’s Cafe.

Wanda’s Cafe, a personal favourite of mine, is a hotspot for a great early morning breakfast or even brunch. You’ll see both locals and visitors in this amazing cafe. Wanda’s Cafe has it all. So, here is a list of my top five best breakfast options for any type of person:

1. Wanda's Cafe Two Eggs, Any Style.

I’m starting with my go to breakfast anytime I visit Wanda’s Cafe. This classic breakfast dish is an absolute must try. It is simple, yet filling, but not too overwhelming if you’re unsure of something heartier. It comes with two eggs anyway you like them (I recommend scrambled), savory red potatoes or a fresh fruit cup (I go for the potatoes generally, but their fruit is always fresh and in season), and your choice of toast (multi-grain, rye, sourdough, polenta, gluten-free, biscuit, or English muffin).

All this for $7.50 at Wanda’s Cafe! You can even add meat for a little extra if desired. All the meet options at Wanda’s cafe are amazing, but I have always gone with either the classic bacon or sausage patty.

Wanda's Cafe Menu
Wanda's Cafe, Two Eggs, Any Style

2. Wanda's Cafe Eggs Benedict.

Next up at Wanda’s Cafe is my dad’s personal favourite - Eggs Benedict. Like my go to order of the Two Eggs, Any Style, his go to at Wanda’s Cafe is Eggs Benedict. If you are a fan of Eggs Benedict or a richer dishes, this is your breakfast is a winner! Wanda’s Cafe has mastered this well-known breakfast, and it's only $10.50. It comes with two poached eggs and grilled ham on an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce.

Served with either their amazing fresh fruit or potatoes (my dad always goes for the fresh fruit). The fruit is a perfect pairing with the rich hollandaise sauce. My dad swears by this decadent dish!

Eggs Benedict at Wanda's Cafe
Eggs Benedict at Wanda's Cafe

3. Wanda's Cafe Bakery Goods and Scones.

This next breakfast item at Wanda’s Cafe is for people like my mom who don’t like a ton of food in the morning, the non-breakfast eaters if you will. Whenever my dad and I go to Wanda’s Cafe in the morning we bring back my mom one of Wanda’s amazing scones or muffins. I must admit, I love these scones myself! They are the perfect start to a day and won’t weigh you down.

Mom's scone of choice at Wanda’s Cafe is the Marionberry Hazelnut, but all of them are pure perfection! Wanda’s pastries are well known throughout the north Oregon Coast, so if you’re at a Manzanita coffee shop you might just see them selling one of these amazing treats.

Wanda's Cafe Nehalem Bakery
Mouthwatering Baked Goods at Wanda's Cafe

4. Wanda's Cafe 2X2X2.

This next dish is for the person who likes sweater dishes for their morning wakeup. Wanda’s Cafe 2X2X2 is my big brother’s go to if he’s awake in time to come to Wanda’s with us! He’s a massive fan of Wanda’s French Toast and believe me, I can understand why. It is probably one of the best French Toast dishes I have ever tried.

In addition to the French Toast it comes with two strips of bacon and two eggs anyway you like. This is like the Two Eggs, Any Style amped up a few notches. They’ve clearly perfected this dish. Especially, for an amazing price of $8.50.

Wanda's Cafe 2X2X2 Breakfast
2X2X2 at Wanda's Cafe

5. Wanda's Cafe Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette.

The final breakfast item on the favourites list at Wanda’s Cafe is the Smoked Salmon and Scallions with Dilled Cream Cheese Omelette. This dish has been raved about by countless reviewers, all giving the dish five stars and a huge recommendation. We like it too!

Like all their other breakfast plates, this Wanda’s Cafe omelette comes with your choice of savoury red potatoes or a fresh fruit cup. It also comes with your choice of toast. All Wanda’s omelettes are amazing, but this one stands out as a must try!

No matter what you try at your Wanda’s Cafe breakfast, take it from us, everything is amazing! Add to that their friendly staff, and you feel right at home.

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: Get there right at 8:00am, because by 8:15am they have a crowd!

Open 8:00am-2:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Closed Wednesday and Thursday. Check for their seasonal hours.

12870 H St, Nehalem, OR 97131

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Wanda's Cafe Charming Decor

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