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Our Manzanita Vacation Rentals Ain't Your Average Airbnb

People are talking a lot about Airbnb lately - good and bad. Regardless of opinion, they've brought the vacation rental experience into the spotlight. We'll explore the difference with Manzanita Airbnb.

Note: as of December 10, 2020 Airbnb became a publicly traded entity. No more small sharing economy business for Airbnb Manzanita and other surrounding areas on the Oregon Coast.

Did you know that if you book directly with your Manzanita Oregon vacation rental you'll save around 14.2%?

A (former) trailblazer in modernizing sharing economy, Airbnb has moved into the vacation rental movement. It's certainly expanded the Oregon Coast vacation rental market. However, where every Airbnb goes, sparks seem to fly.

Not only do guests pay a whopping average 14.2% Airbnb service fee on top of the amount they're paying for their Manzanita vacation rental, most Airbnbs in the Manzanita area, and globally, are not even owner operated.

Follow along for the fun ...

airbnb manzanita

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

It's Exciting Being a Pioneer.

Sharing Economy.

Forbes lists Airbnb as #1 in their list of the top 12 Sharing Economy pioneers. Most of us already know Airbnb originally as a small company created to offer authentic travels experiences - a matchmaking service between hosts and guests in a shared home setting.

Both sides benefited, and thus the Sharing Economy exploded.

Like most popular modern internet sensations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Airbnb soon became the newest rage. Here in Manzanita Oregon, Airbnb Manzanita became a familiar option.

Airbnb moved forcefully into an existing parallel trend, the private accommodation (non-shared) vacation rental experience offered through VRBO, HomeAway, and

airbnb manzanita oregon

Photo Credits: Starfish Vacations

Growing pains Hurt!

Meanwhile, Airbnb has worked hard to solidify their image as the people's movement in the Sharing Economy. They're also extremely proud and boastful that their rating system assures guests of a good experience.

Truth? Or Fiction?

According to the travel website Skift:

Airbnb claims 80% - 87% of their hosts rent out the home they live in.

[In reality]

  • While a good part of Airbnb’s business is based on “regular people”, over 40% comes from hosts with multiple listings, many listings are professional property managers with hundreds of houses within their portfolio. Certainly, in Manzanita the professional Manzanita vacation rentals agencies, Sunset Vacation Rentals, Manzanita Beach Getaway, Starfish Vacation Rentals, and Meredith Lodging all are these type of management agencies, and also list on Airbnb Manzanita. You'll note that The Houses On Manzanita Beach is an owner operated business. We own our Manzanita Rentals - we're on the other end of the phone and communications.

  • The majority of Airbnb’s revenue comes from whole-home rentals.

  • Airbnb does not appear to believe its own claim that customer ratings provide an assurance of good experience. Airbnb says it removed 2,000 New York listings from the site because of bad experience, but at least half of those listings had good (4.5 or 5 star) average ratings from customers.

airbnb manzanita

Photo Credits: hg6677 Blogspot

The Airbnbing of Manzanita?

So we thought it was a good time to snoop around the Airbnb listings for the Manzanita area:

  • At the time of publication, Airbnb Manzanita has 28 listings in the actual Manzanita beach area. On the other hand, if you search Airbnb Manzanita, Oregon on their website, your search result shows 300+ listings. It will include areas as far away as Rockaway Beach to the south, and the tiny wooded community of Hamlet, located on the NE highway that returns to Portland.

  • Within the 28 actual Airbnb Manzanita listings, only 3 are actual shared home experiences. One of those is an apartment attached to a house. 25 of the listings are for an entire private home. Two of the listings were rooms at a local motel, Spindrift Inn.

  • How many Airbnb Manzanita are truly Owner Managed? One of those listings was known by us as listed through a Rental Management company, but is noted as Owner Managed. We've heard many others are also listed by Rental Management companies but we haven't compared the Rental Management listings to the full Airbnb search result.

The result?

In Manzanita, Airbnb is simply a vacation rental listing site; not a shining example of the Sharing Economy.

However, the great thing about all of these listing sites and Oregon Coast vacation rentals is there are enough options to please each vacationer.

oregon coast airbnb

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

So if, in Manzanita Airbnb is simply a vacation rental listing site. Is that bad?

Not at all!

We're a big believer of different accommodations for different people. In Manzanita, we have a wonderful diversity of places to stay, from yurts or tent camping at Nehalem Bay State Park to Awtry House, a romantic Manzanita bed and breakfast overlooking the beach.

We're also a big believer of truth in advertising.

We find it also makes a much better experience for guests.

best airbnb oregon coast

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

A lot has changed since we began renting our family's original Manzanita Beach vacation home in 1996.

VRBO is not longer simply a Vacation Rental By Owner. A large portion of the VRBO Manzanita listings are placed by Vacation Rental Management companies.

Airbnb is no longer a simply a matchmaking service between hosts and guests in a shared home setting. The majority of listings for Airbnb Manzanita don't fall within a shared home setting.

Today's guests seeking a Manzanita vacation rental experience need to be more savvy in looking for the perfect accommodation.

best oregon coast airbnb

Photo Copy: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

So What's the Difference?

We can't speak for other Manzanita vacation rental experiences, but we can tell you about ours.

We personally own, manage and operate our five oceanfront Manzanita vacation rentals

With, of course, the much appreciated assistance of a very select local group of helpers, such as our cleaners, maintenance, and security.

We're on the other end of your phone calls and emails. The bottom line begins and ends with us.

Our goal?

To provide our guests with the best, most relaxing and worry free oceanfront Manzanita Rental accommodation possible.

oregon coast airbnb

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

We like to let our guests speak for themselves:

We stayed here over the Holiday weekend. 3 couples and 2 kids. Perfect stay with family! We were able to have bonfires on the beach and that was fantastic! The home is cozy and stocked with everything you need. The stained glass windows in the back of the home were a lovely addition and the panoramic views were outstanding! One great benefit is that the house is at the end of the beach so it’s almost like having your own private beach.

Far enough away from the throngs of tourists but walk-able to town for a bite to eat or a drink. The grill and deck was great! If you’re looking for relaxation…look no further! Awesome place, I hope we are able to return some day!! Close to Cannon Beach but far enough away!

Oceanfront Cottage,  Rose F., May 21, 2015, VRBO

Stepping into this house was an immediate Wow! and a sense of home that I haven’t gotten from the rest of the holiday homes that I’ve stayed in. Everything is perfect, new, tastefully and cheerfully decorated, wonderfully stocked up and equipped.

The owners really take pride and care in making the house a wonderful and enjoyable stay. This is the best holiday home that I’ve stayed in so far and gets my vote for future revisits.

Oceanside CabinNgig, March 18, 2015, HomeAway

We’ve stayed in Kim’s other two beach rentals, but this one wins the grand prize!! As the other rentals have, this one, too, has a fully stocked kitchen including an espresso maker AND an electric tea pot. (We needn’t had brought ours from home!) We had a family reunion with 8 kids and 12 adults and we all love to cook. The kitchen could not have met our needs better with ample space for multiple cooks plus kids at the island plus tons of dishes and flatware as well as plastic glasses and bowls for the kids!

But what shines out in all of Kim’s houses is not only her attention to detail, but her remarkable decorating and design skills! Being an interior designer for over 40 years, I appreciated her bringing the soul of the original Reed House into the newly remodeled and restored version.

It meets today’s needs and design sensibilities while maintaining surprising historical details such as the pay phone booth and the grate in the floor between the 2nd and 3rd levels… well as reclaimed old sinks, one with the foot pedal controls…..the details just go on and on. And the view of the beach and sunsets is unsurpassed. Kim: great job!!!

Historic Reed HouseOllie, May 2, 2015, VRBO

Whichever Manzanita rental house or Manzanita hotel suits your particular vacation plans, be sure to ask lots of questions to make sure it's the right spot for you.

And ...

We think you'll love Manzanita!

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Enjoy your Manzanita Beach getaway ~

Interested in booking one of our oceanfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals? Contact us for information about our oceanfront beach houses on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

The Houses On Manzanita Beach

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

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