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Neskowin Ghost Forest: Ask Manzanita Beach Life

Many of our guests at our oceanfront Manzanita Rentals enjoy pacific coast travel, no matter what the distance. There's so much beauty to see throughout the Oregon Coast. One of our guests asked us about the Neskowin Ghost Forest.

Neskowin Ghost Forest Haunted Places in Oregon

This wasn't the first time we've been asked by our Manzanita Rental guests about this famous ghost forest Oregon loves.

Is there a forest ghost in the Neskowin Ghost Forest? When is the best time to visit the Oregon Coast and Neskowin? Is this the best ghost forest Oregon has to offer?

You'll find the Neskowin Ghost Forest is located 57 miles south of Manzanita Beach, and entails a scenic drive down Hwy 101.

Neskowin locals recounted a story long told of a ghost forest Oregon residents could only see during very special times, otherwise remaining berried beneath the sands of the beautiful Neskowin Beach. And it later became known as the Ghost Tree Capital.

The legend remained of this abandoned place in Oregon - maybe amongst the list of haunted places in Oregon, until a ferocious storm hit the area beach around 1987 and 1988. And uncovered what is now known as the Neskowin Ghost Forest.

Approximately 100 stumps are all that's left of a 2000 year old Sitka Spruce forest. Buried by an earthquake. Researchers aren't sure exactly when list ancient coastal forest was buried, but possibly by an earthquake similar to the one that hit the coast in 1700.

The Neskowin Ghost Forest lies within the Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site. The site can be viewed throughout the year during low tide, very low tides including minus tides will expose more trees than usually revealed.

The spot is easily found. From the Neskowin Beach parking lot, travel south along the beach. Past Proposal Rock you'll cross a small stream, and hopefully you'll see a fantastic view of this ghost hunter coastal forest, as some call it.

Does it deserve to be on the list of haunted places in Oregon? We don't know about that, but it is a hauntingly beautiful state treasure!

On the other hand, if you're looking for haunted places in Oregon nearer to Manzanita Beach, check this out. Pretty creepy!

Neskowin Oregon Weather at the Neskowin Ghost Forest

Can we recommend any Neskowin Oregon Hotels or other lodging options?

Obviously we aren't as familiar with Neskowin Oregon Hotels as we are with Manzanita Beach and our own Manzanita Rentals.

We often have guests ask for recommendations for accommodations when staying outside of Manzanita Beach. Unfortunately we have to say we often make our pacific coast travel by road trips and would travel to and from the Neskowin Ghost Forest in one day.

We've heard from guests the love Starfish Manner Oceanfront Hotel in nearby Lincoln City. Their motto is Starfishes Love You!

You can find out more about alternative accommodations such as Neskowin Vacation Rentals here. Or try VRBO Neskowin.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have a great recommendation for Neskowin Oregon Hotels or other accommodations.

The Best Neskowin Oregon Hotels

What's the Neskowin Weather Like?

It's much like the weather in our Manzanita Beach and the rest of the Oregon Coast. For a more information on seasonal Oregon Coast and Neskowin Oregon weather, check here.

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: Be sure to pack your rock bag to the forest - at least when you're heading to the Neskowin Ghost Forest!

Rock bag the forest Neskowin Ghost Forest

Oregon is know for wonderful agates that dot the coastal areas. Lincoln County, including Beverly Beech and Moolack Beach are know for agate hunting, So be sure to remember bring your rock hunting back with you when you visit the Neskowin Ghost Forest.

You'll be able to bring something home with you after a day hunting around the Neskowin Beach and the surrounding areas!

Enjoy your travels to the Neskowin Ghost Forest area ~

We appreciate you stopping by Manzanita Beach Life to read our blog about life at our incredible Oregon Coast. Interested in finding out about our Oceanfront Manzanita Rentals? Feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

Kayaking Near Neskowin Ghost Forest

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