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5 Perfect Ways to Relax - Manzanita Beach Style

Did You Know Today Is Really, Truly "National Relaxation Day"?

No kidding. Who thinks these things up? I guess we're so amazed here in Manzanita Oregon because in Manzanita Oregon Every Day is Relaxation Day!

Especially as we think Manzanita Beach is one of the best beaches in Oregon.

Relax - Manzanita Beach Style

Photo By Alex Jordan

Did you know it's also National Lemon Meringue Pie Day? Which we happen to love here at Manzanita Beach. For those lemon fans out there, read along. We're posting a fun, fast easy Lemon Meringue Pie recipe.

So, in honor of National Relaxation Day -- and the almost as important National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, here are our Insider Tips:

5 Ways to Relax in Manzanita Oregon and the North Coast

Enjoy these Insider Tips on the best things to do in Manzanita Oregon, and be sure to tell us what you think.

#1 - Eat Treats at the Beach!

OK, that was our attempt at a Dr. Seuss type of title. But you get the idea. When people are on vacation, diets are no fun at all.

Here are some treats not to be missed when visiting Manzanita Beach or the North Oregon Coast ...

Buttercup Ice Cream and Chowders in Nehalem, Oregon

Photo Credit: Discover Our Coast

Ice Cream

Yum! If you're visiting in the Summer (or Spring, Fall or Winter), you're in for a wonderful surprise. No wonder it's not uncommon to see visitors strolling around with ice cream cones!

Stop by one of these local treat shops and see which is your favorite ...

Buttercup Ice Cream and Chowders in the nearby quaint town of Nehalem, Oregon. You might recognize owner Julie Barker from the famous Manzanita Oregon eateries, Blue Sky Cafe and Bread + Ocean. She's on to a new incredible eatery, crafting luscious artisan ice cream and frozen concoctions (including Vegan, Gluten Free Cones, and even dairy free Doggie Ice Cream treats) on her own hand made cones. Selections rotate monthly.

To give you a hint of the selections, try Marshmallow Ice Cream on a Graham Cracker Chocolate Dipped Cone. Or Mexican Chocolate Ancho Chile on a Cinnamon Cone.

Have you heard of Mo's clam chowder? We think Buttercup's chowder beats Mo's clam chowder hands down! Be sure to try Buttercup's made to order chowders while you're there - it's the best chowder on the coast! Vegan and gluten free options available.

Manzanita Coffee is only a block from the beach and serves up local favorite Tillamook Ice Cream! Our favorite remains fresh Oregon Strawberry featuring berries freshly picked from our best in the world Oregon strawberry fields, but there are tons of other wonderful ice creams to choose from.

Manzanita Cones and Coffee is farther east on the main street of Manzanita, Laneda. They also serve up Tillamook Ice Cream.

S'Mores on the Manzanita Beach


You aren't a true beach goer until you've built your first S'More. For those of you new to this experience, it's simply a stack of gooey wonderful, consisting of marshmallows roasted over your fire planted on a square of chocolate, sandwiched between two graham crackers. Be sure to create it while the marshmallow is still fire hot - it creates the ultimate beach treat over a crackling Manzanita fire as it softens the chocolate.

For those of you who think you know everything about S'Mores, did you know this bit of history?

The first S'mores were found in a recipe for “some mores" in 1927, in a booklet entitled Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Recipe credit was given Loretta Scott Crew, known for making them by the camp fire and handing them out to eager Girl Scouts.

Yes, many have branched out and embraced "gourmet" S'Mores with hand crafted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, but many of us are "purists." Which category do you fall in?

Manzanita Fire on the Beach

Oysters on the Fire

Make like a local - shuck and clean those fresher than fresh Oregon oysters, put them on stones close to your beach fire, cook, add Tabasco judiciously, and enjoy.

Or use a grill over the beach fire. Be sure to bring oven mitts, the fireproof kind!

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at clamming and harvest your own!

Manzanita Yoga

#2 - Pamper Yourself!

Try these local spots for those in need of deep relaxation and pampering ...

Spa Manzanita is the local place for the full range of personal spa pampering from head to toe.

Lucky for us, we have a wide selection of wonderful massage offerings, including the afore mentioned Spa Manzanita, Longevity and Three Village Massage.

Try out a yoga class at Yoga Roots Studio, North Coast Recreation District, or the Center for the Contemplative Arts.

Take a workshop or drop in the studio at the Hoffman Center for the arts. Or catch one of their movie presentations, guest lectures, or concerts.

Manzanita winery

 #3 - Savor A Glass of Local Wine!

Manzanita Winery, a wine bar and winery with a limited food offering, features local wines.

Neahkahnie Bistro also has a full service bar with a wide range of featured drinks, local wines, and of course, good eats.

Or take a short jaunt to Nehalem Bay Winery to sample their wine or attend one of their lively events.

Hike Neahkahnie Mountain

#4 - Go Outside!

SUP Manzanita offers Stand Up Paddle Board lessons on the lazy Nehalem River.

Kelly's Brighton Marina is the place to be on a beautiful North Coast day. Fish, or try your hand at crabbing (it's easy) - you'll find Kelly a fountain of knowledge. He'll set you up with gear, licenses, and local insider's tips.

Or simply sit on their deck overlooking the beautiful Nehalem Bay and eat your fill of the freshly cooked seafood always on hand.

Play a round of golf at our Manzanita golf course, equipped with a convenient driving range.

Hike Neahkahnie Mountain. It's an easy hike to one of the best views on the Oregon Coast.

Manzanita Rentals, Oregon

Photo by Alex Jordon of our oceanfront Modern Cabin

#5 - Stay At Home and Relax!

Treat yourself to a book at our favorite bookstore, Cloud & Leaf, kick back on your ocean view deck, inside by the fire, or on a cozy couch and read away! Owner Jody Swanson is great at helping pick out the perfect read.

Color your heart out! Are you a fan of adult coloring books? Whether you've tried them or not, North Coast local blogger and artist extraordinaire Alisa Burke offers a large selection of her fun and creative designs.

Pack your favorite indoor activity and enjoy the uninterrupted time.

recipe for a jiffy lemon meringue pie

Photo By Armelle Blog

Oh - and here's a neat recipe for a jiffy lemon meringue pie substitute - totally Manzanita Beach style.

In honor of National Lemon Meringue Pie Day!

Happy National Relaxation Day Everyone ~

Manzanita Beach style!

Thanks for stopping by our blog about life around our Manzanita area, and the incredible northern Oregon Coast.

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for information about our beachfront vacation rentals on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

Manzanita rentals, Th

Photo By Alex Jordan - Directionally Challenged

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