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Manzanita Tornado Relief and Oregon Cash Mob!

Manzanita Beach Cash Mob Update!

The lucky prize winners are:

  • $15 gift certificate from Marzano's Pizza - Susan Walsh

  • One large pie from Sisters & Pete's Coffee & Treats - Lauren Niemen

  • $25 gift certificate from Manzanita Grocery & Deli - Michael Lehner

  • $25 gift certificate from Sandune Pub - Julie Ferguson

  • $25 gift certificate from Manzanita Fresh Foods - Carol Christensen

  • $50 gift certificate from Longevity - Seth Ziemecki

  • Five hours of cleaning from Sunset Vacation Rentals - Karen Martinek

Grand Prize Winner of an iPad Mini... Jeff Wong

Here in Manzanita we love our locally owned, independent businesses!

And we LOVE the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob, Saturday, November 12th, 2016.

In fact, our businesses are 100% independent. If you're looking for your favourite chain restaurant or shop, you won't find it here. No McDonalds or Gaps on the main street of Manzanita Beach. Or anywhere near Manzanita Beach.

Manzanita Oregon

What you will find are businesses run by hardworking local citizens. Let's be honest - it's a good part of what gives Manzanita Beach it's unique, charming flavor. In large part because they're run by people who live in the area.

Follow along, and while we tell you about the exciting Manzanita Beach Cash Mob, we'll introduce you to some of the wonderful Manzanita businesses and the owners who work hard to create a terrific Manzanita Beach Life shopping experience for you.

Saturday, November 12, 2016 - Save The Date!

To support our community and getting the word out about the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob, we're explaining what our Manzanita Beach Cash Mob is about, and highlighting some of our local businesses!

There's a lot of information here - so below you'll find out:

  • So what is the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob About?

  • Where do I go and what do I do?

In the meantime, in amongst all this great news we'll introduce you to some of our fabulous businesses and business owners, and let you in on some nifty drawings, prizes and discounts. So be sure to check out the profiles of some of our Manzanita business people at the end of this post - you won't want to miss some of the amazing deals they're offering during the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob!

Manzanita Cash Mob

Photo Courtesy of Design Simply

So what is the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob about?

Mark your calendars and head on down to Manzanita Beach Saturday, November 12th.

The Manzanita Beach Cash Mob is all about offering a helping hand to Manzanita by bringing business and funds into the community. In a very fun way!

Remember the Manzanita Tornado? We're working towards rebuilding a strong and healthy Manzanita Beach. After locals and business people put forth an incredible effort to help those affected by the once in a lifetime tornado, 99% of our businesses are open and ready to greet shoppers and vacationers!

Manzanita Beach has come together and returning to the community locals and visitors love - one of the most unique, charming spots of the Oregon coast.

Manzanita Oregon Coast

Cash Mobs are flash mobs! Instead of singing and dancing to have fun, Cash Mobs spend money as a group.  Cash Mobs target local businesses that make each community special in order to give the business owners an economic boost.

This helps communities and businesses grow, makes people happy, participants get terrific stuff for themselves and others -- yep, the holidays are almost here - and everyone has a great time!

So head to Manzanita Beach Saturday, November 12th, and join Manzanita Beach Businesses and the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce for the Manzanita's Cash Mob.

You can help be the cure as Manzanita Beach continue's to heal -- support our local businesses and our terrific community.

Did we mention you can also get your holiday shopping done early?!

Shopping Manzanita

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Where do I go and what do I do?

From the Manzanita Cash Mob Facebook page:

What is a Cash Mob?

A Cash Mob is where the community rally’s around local business and commits to shopping at the designated location. A cash mob is designed with one thing in mind SUPPORT A LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS! (Okay two things, HAVING FUN is also important!)

Why be a part of Manzanita Beach Cash Mob?

Supporting a local business generates more than the average person sees. Supporting these businesses does not only help their store, but also allows them to hire service workers such as accountants, plumbers and cleaners. Although directly you may never see it, this could be the shot in the arm that business needs to make it through the month.

Are we on our own or do we meet somewhere?

The Manzanita Beach Cash Mob runs from 11am to 4pm and you are welcome to show up and shop as you please. However, we encourage you to meet at the Manzanita Beach Visitor Center at 11am.

Starting out as a large group beings a sense of excitement and collaboration for not only you the shopper but the businesses. Manzanita Beach business owners are people too and could use a good moral boost after the last few weeks.

Manzanita business

Photo Courtesy of Home Base Portland

What if I don’t need anything from the local shops in Manzanita Beach?

Unfortunately, this may happen. What we ask is that if you attend a cash mob that you spend a minimum of $25 regardless. You could buy something for someone else. Or, even just buy a gift certificate for a later date.

Are there any incentives for shopping at the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob?

First and foremost, you can expect the business owner’s deep appreciation!

But there are incentives to shopping during the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob: First is that you can count on multiple local retail shops holding drawings with awesome prizes. Second, if you stop in at the visitor center and show $50 worth of receipts, you will get a raffle ticket to be entered in for some rocking Prizes like an iPad Mini, 5 hours of cleaning, and a massage to name a few. 

And while you're in town, check out these other wonderful events benefitting the community:

  • November 12th: Women's Club Artisan Bazaar and Bake Sale - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Pine Grove Community Center, 225 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita Beach.

  • November 12th: Rock for Relief - Tornado Relief Fundraiser - Manzanita Lighthouse. 9:00 pm - 12:00 am. Live music. $10 suggested cover donation. All proceeds donated to Manzanita Tornado Relief Fund.

  • November 16th: A Toast To Manzanita Beach - a cocktail party to benefit Manzanita Tornado Relief. San Dun Pub. 5:00 - 9:00 pm, $25 (1 drink and appetizers). All proceeds including bar revenue donated to Manzanita Tornado Relief.

Follow along as we meet a few of our local business owners, and find out about Manzanita Cash Mob specials!

Meet Charlene Gernert and Katie Crosman Owners of Yoga Roots Studio

Yoga Roots Studio Manzanita

Photo Courtesy of Charlene Gernert

Charlene and Katie opened their business in 2014, and happily operated their popular yoga studio until the roof of their building sustained tornado damage.

Noisy roof repairs do not go well with peaceful yoga, so they're temporarily located at the Manzanita Center for Contemplative Arts.

During Manzanita Beach Cash Mob weekend, Yoga Roots will return home for special classes.

Check out their website for more information and class locations.

Sunday, Nov. 13th, 8:30 - 9:30 am, Yoga Roots will hold a Community Meditation Practice on Sunday from 8:30 -9:30am. People may come and go quietly within the hour or stay the whole time. All donations will go to Manzanita Tornado Fund.

Meet Christina Pyktel and Jamie Taylor - Owners of Longevity

Christina Pyktel and Jamie Taylor - Owners of Longevity Manzanita

Photo Courtesy of Christina Pyktel

As their website states, Longevity is a "gifted massage therapists that offer our presence, heart and magic to refill your well when it runs low."

Housed in the same tornado damaged building as Yoga Roots, Longevity is also a business which needs a calm, quiet location.

Lucky for us, Longevity has settled in to a nearby temporary location, at the upstairs retreat of The Nehalem Beehive, located at 35870 7th St. Nehalem, OR 97131, about 2 miles south of Manzanita Beach on Hwy 101.

We've heard lots of good things about their new spot, and we're thinking a gift certificate for one of their peaceful massages would make a great holiday gift!

While Longevity's schedule is full for the Manzanita Beach Cash Mob weekend, you can support them by booking a massage appointment or purchasing gift certificates here.

Meet Sarah Simmons - Owner of Moxie

Sarah Simmons - Owner of Moxie Manzanita

Photo Courtesy of The Gilbert District

You may have heard of Sarah (pictured, right). Moxie Fair Trade was one of the businesses directly in the path of the tornado. Their building lost a roof, and Moxie Manzanita Beach is temporarily closed.

For Manzanita Beach Cash Mob Weekend, you'll find Sarah set up in front of her Manzanita Beach location, selling gift certificates.

You can also support Sarah and Moxie on her GoFundMe page.

You can help