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The Amazing Connection Between Lewis & Clark and the Oregon Coast

Many of our northern Coast express awe with the incredible Pacific Ocean views, fall in love with our fresh seafood and artisan foods, and enchanted with our laid-back beach communities.

The connection between lews & Clark and the Oregon coast

But one incredible fact most visitors don't know is the connection between our spot on the Oregon Coast, and the historic Lewis & Clark expedition.

Did you know that the northern Oregon Coast was the ultimate destination of the very important Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery from December 8, 1805 until their departure on March 23, 1806?

During their travels the expedition experienced a very harsh winter that left them in need of food and an area to make shelter. The team took a vote and decided to stay near current day Astoria, Oregon, and built Fort Clatsop on the banks of what now is the Lewis & Clark River.

Fort Clatsop, built with the plentiful local evergreen trees, became instrumental in their survival and ultimately the completion of their mission. During the vote whether to winter at what would be Fort Clatsop, all members of the expedition participated – including the now renowned Shoshone woman known as Sacagawea, her one of the first women in American history to vote.

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea

Throughout the world are women who have made significant impacts on lives, societies and the world. For America, Sacagawea has made a significant difference.

For her understanding of the natural lands and people groups, Sacagawea was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2003. Sacagawea helped create cultural contacts with Indigenous populations, added immensely to the Corps with her communication skills with the native peoples in addition to her knowledge of natural history and general survival skills.

Looking to Visit the Historic Oregon Coast?

Sprinkled with historical significance, Northern Oregon is a great place to visit while learning about American history. If you are a history buff or enjoy a casual stroll through Oregon Coast museums and historical landmarks, check out these places:

  • Visit the Lewis and Clark Park to explore the Columbia River and the Pacific Coast. Within the Park you'll find Fort Clatsop, a replica of the encampment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the Oregon Country near the mouth of the Columbia River during the winter of 1805-1806 before their return trip to St. Louis. During the summer Fort Clatsop hosts a reenactment in which rangers dress up, lead demonstrations and tell stories from the time of Lewis and Clark’s expedition.

  • Also check out the Salt Cairn Historic Monument in Seaside, Oregon. This historic monument is a symbol to remember salt was lifesaving to the Lewis and Clark expedition. This is a great, quick trip to learn everything you never knew about salt.

Where to Stay on the Oregon Coast

If you’re looking to vacation to the Oregon Coast, consider staying at one of The Houses on Manzanita Beach. These rentals will put you front row on the beautiful Oregon coast. All of our Manzanita Vacation Rentals are Oceanfront with incredible views.

Whether you came to Oregon for a history lesson or not, you’ll be able to walk along the same beach fronts that the famous Lewis and Clark expedition had.

By staying at the Houses on Manzanita Beach, you’ll be within driving distance of the historic museums and parks that feature the famous expedition of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea.

View from above of the Manzanita Beach

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