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Best Reasons to Visit Hug Point Oregon

Have you visited Hug Point State Park yet? This is one Oregon Coast spot you won't want to miss.

Hug Point has easy beach access and, low tide, you're able to walk north along the beach, just around the point where you'll spot sea caves, a small waterfall, and the evidence of the old roadway once hugging the cliff side.

Hug Point Oregon

As you travel around the incredible northern Oregon Coast, one spot you won't want to miss is the scenic Hug Point State Park.

Before Hwy 101 was built along the Oregon Coast, locals travelled up and down the coast along the beach. Hug Point Oregon's sandstone cliffs jut out into the Pacific, exposing a rocky path where travellers of old had to literally hug the sides of the cliffs on a rock path exposed at low tide to make their way along the coast.

At the north end of the parking lot, during low tide you may be able to follow the original stagecoach road, where evidence of wheel ruts worn into the rock can still be seen. The roadway is one of the rare remnants from when the beach was the main thoroughfare before the construction of the Coast Highway. When tides allow, you can walk south from Hug Point a mile or more to the beach at Arch Cape.

Hug Point State Park Tracks
Traveling Hug Point 1915

You'll find Hug Point Beach State Park five miles south of Cannon Beach. This small park includes a restroom, picnic areas, and a pathway to Hug Point Beach.

The sandy cove is located between Hug Point at the north and Austin Point at the south. Here you'll find caves carved out of the sandstone cliffs and tide pools during low tide. Lucky visitors will enjoy the waterfall during seasonal period.

Hug Point State Park Map

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: You'll want to be very aware of weather and tidal conditions when exploring Hug Point State Park. Vacationers can easily be stranded due to the quickly incoming tide.

Check out Hug Point State Park tide information here.

When visiting Hug Point State Park, you might find these nearby activities lots of fun!

Looking for Hug Point Lodging?

Hike Hug Point State Park

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Enjoy your visit to the very fun Hug Point State Park Beach ~

Thank you for reading about life around our Manzanita Beach area, and the Oregon Coast!

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