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Haunted places in Oregon - Check Out the Old Wheeler Hotel

If you enjoy visiting haunted places in Oregon, look no further than the Old Wheeler Hotel, approximately five miles away from our oceanfront Manzanita Rentals.

Haunted Places in Oregon - Check Out Old Wheeler Hotel
Haunted Places in Oregon - Check Out Old Wheeler Hotel

A guest checks in to the Old Wheeler Hotel and two hours later checks out -- literally screaming.

The sound of BB dropping on glass, that just keeps rolling and rolling.

If you're looking for haunted places in Oregon, check out the Old Wheeler Hotel, just a little over four miles from Manzanita Beach.

The current Old Wheeler Hotel was built to replace the original Old Wheeler Hotel which was lost in a fire. The renovation took place in the 1920s during the Wheeler Lumber boom, the result of the 1911 building of the local railroad to ship coastal products.

The Old Wheeler Hotel Near Manzanita Beach
The Old Wheeler Hotel in the 1950s

After the hotel's heyday, the hotel feel into disrepair. In the 1930s Dr. Henry Rinehart purchased the buildings and established a world famous experimental arthritis clinic offering unique modalities for pain relief. Patients visited from all over the world to what is now the Old Wheeler Hotel, looking for relief from arthritis pain seeking relief for their arthritis pain.

In our family, my aunt would visit with her family every summer, staying with us in Manzanita Beach while seeking relief for her arthritis at the Rinehart Clinic.

The Rinehart Clinic, as it was, closed in the 1980s and the building underwent another renovation to become what is now Old Wheeler Hotel. Dr. Rinehart's grandson still operates a clinic farther up the hill from the Old Wheeler Hotel.

Current Old Wheeler Hotel co-owner Katie Brown relates great haunted places in Oregon tales to her guests.

One of the most frequently told ghost story about a resident ghosts (she refers to these ghosts as permanents) is the ghost in room number three. This Old Wheeler Hotel ghost is apparently a fan of television, and likes to frequently watch the TV in room thee.

Evidence cited is the inexplicable "indentation" left on the side of the bed showing someone - or something - has been there. Ms. Brown calls this particular spirit "Walter." She has found that, upon finishing making the bed in room number three, she'll smooth the blankets to look perfect, then return not long after to find an indentation on the mattress.

Even more strangely, the TV inexplicably turns on in the dead of the night. To the same movie showing in black and white. Played on a non-existent TV station.

The Old Wheeler Hotel is One of the Haunted Places in Oregon
Is the Old Wheeler Hotel Haunted?

It's Ms. Brown's suspicion that the wonderful history of the Old Wheeler Hotel fills creates a perfect area for "permanents" (ghosts) from the past. "I'm not afraid to be here," states Ms. Brown. "I call it my happy place, because I feel nurtured and safe."

She often thinks of the patients to the Rinehart clinic, arriving in pain, seeking treatments, and leaving "dancing." Possibly returning to the one place they had felt the best.

In the below video, the Paranormal Society of Portland - known for their investigations of haunted places in Oregon - you'll find Case No. WH-110608 - what according to them is a real ghost at the Old Wheeler Hotel caught on film as investigators sleep.

How's that for a local haunted place in Oregon??

And just down the road from our own Manzanita Beach!

Ms. Brown indicates that there three or four "inexplicable" occurrences daily, and each spirit has their own unique personality.

Once such experience happened to her assistant Raine. She was cleaning the staircase when she felt someone place a hand on her head. However, there wasn't anyone else nearby. Raine likes to think of it as someone from the past thanking her for cleaning the staircase.

The Old Wheeler Hotel's previous owners, Marianne and Winston Laszlo, also have many tales of the hotel's spirit guests indicating the hotel is amongst the haunted places in Oregon.

Visit the Old Wheeler Hotel
The Old Wheeler Hotel in Charming Wheeler Oregon

Another experience of this haunted place in Oregon occurred when Ms. Brown was painting in the lobby. She said her goodbyes to the last guests of the day, and returned to painting, thinking Raine was upstairs working.

Shortly after the Old Wheeler Hotel guests left Ms. Brown heard music from the old Victrola houses in the upstairs office. Later, she asked Raine about playing the old Victrola, but found out actually no one had been in the office when the music occurred. And there was no one else in the building at that time. Besides Ms. Brown.

She also tells of her dog, who sometimes is sound asleep. Suddenly she'll wake up, jumping up to start barking towards the door. When no one is on the other side.

The owners and employees are mainly comfortable with these spirit residents, having a sense of warmth from the unseen. The hotel's guests report the same.

Wheeler Oregon is Only 5 Miles from Manzanita Beach
Charming Wheeler, Oregon

However, Ms. Brown isn't so certain about the spirits inhabiting the basement.

She has been told that at one point, when the Old Wheeler Hotel functioned as a local hospital, there was a morgue in the basement.

Ms. Brown indicates the "permanents" in the basement are not as nice. People frequently won't go down into the basement.

Want to learn more? Attend the Paranormal Bootcamp at the Old Wheeler Hotel!

For those interested in haunted places in Oregon, check out the Paranormal Bootcamp 101 presented by The League of Extrasensory Gentlemen and the Old Wheeler Hotel, October 12 - 13, 2018. Learn more here or call (503) 368-6000.

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