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Guest Post: Manzanita - A Retreat Perspective

We Love Guest Posts - Don't You?

I absolutely love viewing our spot through unfiltered eyes - people who experience our area differently, see it in a different way with a totally new direction of thoughts.

Retreat at our oceanside Manzanita vacation rentals.

Today we're looking through the eyes of Liz Lamoreux, owner and facilitator of Be Present Retreats and all around renaissance woman. Liz recently held one of her fabulous retreats in Oregon at The Historic Reed House, one of our oceanside Manzanita vacation rentals.

The best description of who Liz is and what she does probably comes from her website:


I host the Be Present Retreats, teach creative self-care workshops in person and online, and share stories and other good things on my blog several times a week.

I'm also the author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media and the artist behind the shop Soul Mantras and Other Stories.

And I'm having a lot of fun on Pinterest these days as I'm dipping my toes into the world of curating and sharing my message over there. (Fun fact: I'm one of the top 50 followed pinners in the world. For reals.)


Follow along as we view our area through the creative eyes of Liz Lamoreux.

Manzanita - By Liz Lamoreux

Manzanita - By Liz Lamoreux

Liz Lamoreux

One of my favourite moments at the retreats I host is when the women begin to arrive and I watch them relax into this new space, into the circle that has gathered from so many corners of the country and sometimes the world.

Self-care and mindfulness in Manzanita, Oregon

Liz Lamoreux

The conversations always begin with questions of where you’re from and how you learned about this retreat all about self-care and mindfulness, but soon they turn to deeper topics. I watch these women shed the many roles they play and come to the realization that here, in this safe space along the ocean in Manzanita, Oregon, they can just be themselves.

As the sun sets on our first evening together, magic always begins to sizzle in the air.

Gathering at the Reed House, Manzanita, Oregon

Liz Lamoreux

This past November, a group of kindred spirits gathered in the Reed House for five days of writing, photography, and playing with paper and glue and colour at the Water Your Soul Retreat. As the days unfolded, we laughed and even danced and began to whisper aloud the dreams we have for ourselves as we took walks along the beach tucking rocks and sand dollars into our pockets. As the storms rolled in across the sea, we wrote poetry and tucked in for a night of crocheting and stories.

Water Your Soul Retreat Liz Lamoreux, Manzanita, Oregon

Liz Lamoreux

There’s a special feeling in this beautiful home along the sand, and as it rained each day while the sea danced outside the huge windows, we couldn’t help but feel like our souls truly were getting watered.

My dear friend Serena cooked us feast after feast in the gorgeous kitchen of The Historic Reed House. Our bodies and hearts were nourished as we took in this goodness while we also nurtured one another with the stories shared around the table.

Dinner at the Reed House, Manzanita

Liz Lamoreux

Sometimes at retreats, especially at this one, there will be a moment when I can’t help but whisper to myself, “This really is my job.” I help women come home to themselves as they find their center again while living together in sacred space for just a few days. And when they return to their corners, they not only take self-care practices and ways to support themselves as they navigate all that daily life brings, they also take a new circle of kindreds that reminds them they’re not alone.

Reed House, Manzanita. Comfortable home.

Liz Lamoreux

And here’s what I know: When people circle in a space where they can feel comfortable and at home, where they can truly take a break from their daily lives and replenish the well inside them, space for more joy, more love, and deeper connection is created. And from that, the world becomes a better place.

I can’t wait to circle with another group at The Historic Reed House again. It’s going to be so good.


Liz Lamoreux is an artist, retreat host, and author of the book Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media. She works with women to help them build a bridge between daily life and their longings. Connect with her here or the links listed in the introduction.

All photos taken by Liz Lamoreux and Serena Berry.

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Liz Lamoreux

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