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We LOVE books at our Manzanita Vacation Rentals.

So you can imagine I was beyond excited to find out that one of our favorite authors, Laura Hillenbrand, planned to stay at our Historic Reed House. If you've stayed at one of our beachfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals, you'll see we always have at least one bookcase filled with books for a great Manzanita vacation read.

Laura Hillenbrand in Historic Reed House, Manzanita Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Jo Benedetti

In amongst our books, you'll find well read copies of Seabiscuit and Unbroken.

Have you read them? You should. They appeal to avid and once-in-awhile readers alike. Laura Hillenbrand's stories absolutely mezmerize readers. Who doesn't love to read stories where the underdog triumphs in such a moving way?

You could also call Manzanita Oregon a town of book lovers. Not only do we have an outstanding bookshop, Cloud & Leaf - where you can find copies of Laura Hillenbrand's books regularly stocked on the shelves -- we frequently have authors stop by to read from their works at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.

Laura Hillenbrand vacation Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Jo Benedetti

For those of you that just don't enjoy reading, you'll be thrilled to know that both of Laura Hillenbrand's above mentioned books, Seabiscuit and Unbroken, have been made into very renowned movies.

But ... guess what?

Not only is Laura Hillenbrand a wonderful author, she's also a kind and gracious person.

And she actually wrote a guest post for us!

So follow along with Laura Hillenbrand as she and her boyfriend David share their stay at The Historic Reed House.

Manzanita Oregon by Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand Manzanita, Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

After too many weeks in which life was tangled in stresses, we turned off our computers, shunned our cell phones, and escaped to the Historic Reed House in Manzanita. Cupped in the palm of the Oregon coast, Manzanita is an enchanted little hamlet nestled along an arc of pristine beach, surrounded by forests, watched over by the ruggedly beautiful peaks of the Pacific Coast Mountains.

The Reed House gazes out from the ocean’s apron, the mountains to right and left, silken sand below, a wide-open sky above, the ocean stretching on forever ahead.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

In the light-spilled house, we were renewed. Full of easy, beautifully-appointed spaces that are both airily open and invitingly cozy, somehow elegant and rustic, stately and whimsical all at once, this is a place to be joyful. From the vast windows and wrap-around porch we gasped at the beauty and majesty of the ocean, so close we could hear the surf hiss upon the sand.

Our host, Kim, was thoughtful, attentive, and immensely generous, welcoming us, ensuring our comfort, and guiding us to the little treasures we might have missed.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

Indoors, we slept deeply in cool, soft beds; warmed our feet on heated bathroom floors; prepared feasts in the sumptuous kitchen as waves pounded a rhythm almost at the doorstep; sat entranced as the ocean passed through endless moods; and curled up in little nooks to talk softly and lose ourselves in books. Outdoors, we laughed amid curious seals and pelicans as we boated on Nehalem Bay; prowled the high cliffs of Neahkanie Mountain as mottle-backed grey whales breached and breathed below us; swam in the surf, reclined against driftwood scoured smooth by the ocean, and drowsed in the sunshine.

Laura Hillenbrand, Nehalem Bay

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

In Manzanita’s sweetly meandering lanes, we explored the charms of the shops and cafes, savoring marvelous food, gathering keepsakes, turning each corner to find a new surprise, the smitten smiles never leaving our faces. We returned to the house each evening, dragged a sleeping bag onto the beach, sang to each other as the sun descended and stars winked across the heavens, and watched the sky fade from blue to orange to violet to black as shiplights glided like ghosts haunting the horizon.

Laura Hillenbrand, Manzanita Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

There was something about the scented breezes of Manzanita, hot sand under bare feet, the sunshine on our faces, the shimmering grasses, the glitter of the ocean, the charm of the village, that cleansed us. There was something about Reed House that warmed, softened, and embraced us. This singular house, in its singular place, worked its magic on us, and for five enchanted days, was our happy retreat for laughter, wonder, and the gentlest peace.

Laura Hillenbrand staying at the Historic Reed House, Manzanita, Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

We’ll talk and dream of Manzanita, and the Reed House, until we come back.

Manzanita, Oregon

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

- Laura Hillenbrand

A big Thank You to the very wonderful Laura Hillenbrand! 

And thanks for stopping by to read Laura's post. One of the best things about having The Houses On Manzanita Beach is the people we meet.

Manzanita Oregon is truly a magical place that attracts a wide range of vacationers.

Want to learn more? Contact us for information about our beachfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals on our beautiful seven mile north Oregon Coast beach.


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