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5 Favorite Rainy Day Manzanita Beach Activities For Families

Heading to the Oregon coast, expecting sunny weather only to find out the forecast is rainy? Wondering what to do on a rainy Manzanita Oregon day?

Don't despair - we've got you covered!

Check out our 5 Favorite Rainy Day Manzanita Beach Activities For Families

Hint - they're not just for Manzanita. They work for anyone looking for things to do on the Oregon Coast in rainy weather!

rainy day at the beach

We need to take a moment and remind visitors to check with some of these places mentioned here to see how our local Coronavirus restrictions have effected their hours and procedures.

Can you believe it's October? While Oregon weather in October can be mild, it feels as if summer flew by.

Here at the coast we're feeling fall in the air. It's an early arrival, after a long, very warm summer. As thoughts turn towards fall, visitors wonder about our famous Pacific Northwest rain.

You might have heard the old Oregon coast range weather motto: "Give it five minutes and it will change."

That’s because each month is a rollercoaster ride of conditions in the great Oregon outdoors; sunny summer days include refreshing rain showers, days dominated by wind and rain are often followed by stunning sunny days.

Be prepared! Check out the Manzanita weather by month here.

oregon coast rain

When vacationing on the Oregon coast, we always recommend including a raincoat on your packing list. Whether staying at a Manzanita vacation rental, Manzanita hotel, or other type of beach accommodation, you'll find there's lots to do on a rainy day.

Many of our guests at The Houses On Manzanita Beach ask for family activities for rainy day suggestions, so here are five ideas we've been loving of late…

1. Discover Coastal Roots. Rainy days are wonderful times to visit some of the history of our rich coastal roots. Take a trip north to the highly rated Columbia River Maritime Museum and prepare to be amazed by the maritime adventures on the mighty Columbia River. TripAdvisor gives it a 4.5 star rating for day trips in Oregon ideas!

Columbia River Maritime Museum

The Lewis & Clark National Historic Park has a great recreation of Fort Clatsop, the winter encampment of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery from December 1805 to March 1806. Actors in period costumes showing the hardships of daily life thrills the younger visitors. Be sure to cover your ears when they load and fire their muskets!

Want to make it a Lewis & Clark theme trip? Find a wonderful Lewis & Clark book for kids and plan ahead. Our kids loved How We Crossed The West The Adventures of Lewis and Clark. You'll find lots of Lewis & Clark sites on the north coast, including the Lewis & Clark Salt Works in Seaside Oregon. Mapping and planning is part of the fun!

Lewis & Clark book

What do shipwrecks, beeswax, gold, and pirates have to do with Manzanita? And why did Francis Drake land in Manzanita and not California?

Find out at the local Nehalem Valley Historical Society. Then get busy creating colorful and lively treasure maps. Those that crave adventure will grab shovels and rain gear and dig for gold on the seven mile beach. Where do you think the treasure is hidden? Yep, Oregon Coast pirates are part of our Manzanita Oregon history.

Or head south for a day of fun. Follow the footsteps of the original locals at Kilchis Point Reserve. It's an easy, beautiful walk, even on a rainy Oregon Coast day.

Learn about the settlers of the north coast at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. Or do you have some aeronautical history buffs in your group?

The Tillamook Air Museum -- housed in a WWII wooden blimp hanger -- is the place for you. You'll learn what a Guppy, Quickie, and Invader have in common, plus lots more.

And last but not least, might you be interested in the history of cheese? A tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory is just the thing. Plus it's a great excuse to try their 101 samples, including Squeaky Cheese (who knew?), fudge and ice cream. Now that's yummy history!

Nehalem's North Coast Recreation District

Photo Credit: North Coast Recreation District

2. Embrace Indoor Manzanita Beach Life. Our Manzanita Oregon locals are an active, creative bunch, so take advantage and join in on the fun. Nehalem's North Coast Recreation District (NCRD), originally a school built in the 1920s, features a swimming pool with open and lap swims, classes such as pilates, tai chi, yoga, a gym, programs including sketching, games, and a writers roundtable. You'll find plays and performances in their newly remodeled performance center. Check their schedule for their latest offerings.

Have you heard about Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita? What a treasure! Open studios for clay, writing studios, art classes and writing workshops, Friday Night Flicks, Art Performances and Book Readings, you can find it all here.

While we love to have family fun making beach themed Christmas cookies, you can do this any time of year. Be creative - it's sure to lead to lots of laughs.

Yoga Roots Studio Manzanita

Photo Credit: Yoga Roots Studio

Need more? Try Yoga Roots Studio for more recommended yoga classes. Spa Manzanita for luxurious pampering including massages, facials, pedicures and manicures for adults and kids too. Try Pauseful Massage and Botanicals for relaxing massages and aromatherapy.

Longevity Massage for massages and aromatherapy

3. Channel Your Inner Goonie. Step 1. Rent and watch The Goonies. Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the important Goonies sites in Astoria, Cannon Beach, and other coastal spots. Step 3. Create your map. Step 4. Learn the Truffle Shuffle (below). Step 5. Grab your Goonies Map - because, who doesn't love a Goonies treasure map - jump in the car, and prepare for some Goonie fun!

4. Unplug. When was the last time you played cards? Worked on a puzzle? What's your favorite board game? Monopoly and Risk games can last for hours.

Don't have more then a pen and paper? Try make up games, such as the following:

  • One-word story: Starting with “Once upon a time,” everyone takes a turn adding a single work to the story. Choose a genre in advance -- fairy tale, ghost story, etc. -- and go from there.

  • Improvised poetry: The first person states a line of made up poetry; the next adds a line that rhymes with the first, and so on. It helps to let kids say the first line; you add the second to find the rhyme.

  • Monster!: Your group invents an imaginary monster. Take a sheet of paper, fold it in quarters, widthwise, like an accordion. Each person takes a turn drawing head, upper body, torso, and legs folding back the paper before passing it to the next they won't see your drawing. Presto, hilarious monster!

You get the idea. You can also look up Pencil and Paper games on the internet, including the infamous The Pen Game.

Or check out some of the wonderful stores in Manzanita for fun indoor ideas. Salt and Paper offers arts and crafts, with tons of fun things for adults and kids to do on rainy coastal days.

Or visit Toylandia for the perfect puzzle or family game. They're sure to help you answer the question what to do when it's raining!

things to do in tillamook oregon

Photo Credit: Young Life Organization

5. Embrace the Beach Life and Go Native. Grab your rain gear and get outside!

Boogie boarding on the coast requires a wet suit, rain or shine, so get out there and enjoy (check with the local agencies and surf shops about beach safety and conditions). You'll find gear available at local places such as Cleanline Surf in Cannon Beach and Bahama Mama's in Manzanita.

Layer up, and enjoy the wonderful hiking in the area, including nearby Oswald West State Park where you wander through temperate rainforest, secluded beaches, and take in spectacular views. Don't forget the nearby Neahkahnie Mountain hike. It's lots of fun for everyone, with breathtaking views at the top.

Or simply take in a long, leisurely walk on the beach, look for beach treasures, and enjoy the stunning beauty of the north Oregon coast!

Enjoy your Manzanita Beach vacation ~

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