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Best Oregon Coast Christmas Beach Cookies Ever!

We have tons of Oregon Coast vacationers each year. And what's not to love about the beach? It's truly an international love. And we think Christmas on the beach is the best.

Here in Manzanita Oregon love to make fresh, homemade holiday cookies for our oceanfront Manzanita rentals guests, so we have the inside sweet scoop.

One wonderful, crumbly cookie at a time!

Christmas Beach Cookies

Isn't this the ultimate beach cookie decorating? They would also make a nifty sea shell Christmas ornament.

It's our own family tradition to make Oregon Coast Christmas cookies. Or as we call them, Manzanita Beach Christmas cookies. Christmas at the beach means it's time to break out the beach cookie cutters and have some fun and enjoy your ocean themed Christmas.

It's also our family tradition to eat Christmas cookies. But like the Little Red Hen, in our house if you want to eat the cookies, you have to help make the cookies. At least it's supposed to work that way.

Our kids are now older, and easily distracted!

Give the Gift of a Smile!

Another reason we love to create beach themed Christmas beach cookies is that they make terrific and beautiful gifts. Whether as a hostess gift, a present for the family member who has everything, or a neighbor, beach themed Christmas cookies make people smile!

You can find many recipes for masterful frosted artisan cookies that highlight talent and the time to create them.

This year we've decided to focus on delightful cookies that are charming, fairly quick, and easy.

So what are some of the cookies we have on our list this year? Follow along, and we'll share this year's line up.

But you have to promise not to tell!

Fish and Chips Beach Cookies

Fish and Chips.

These sweeties are first on our list simply based on their very clever name. Fish and Chips!

The second reason is they're so very easy. I must admit, someone is getting a little bit lazy as time goes by.

However, these are easily adaptable to use with any of your beach themed cookie cutters. Creativity rules, so go wild.

Driftwood logs

Driftwood Logs

The New York Times calls it Homemade Pocky - we call it Chocolate Dipped Driftwood!

While the internet is full of Pocky recipes - we even ran across Poke nacho recipes listed under Pocky recipes - we love to make these reimagined as a fun beach cookie!

Whatever you call them, we like to call them fun! Dip them in your favorite melting candy and go wild. Last Christmas, we dipped them in white chocolate, then rolled them in crushed peppermint candies.

Sailors and Mermaids Beach Cookies

Coastal Living

Sailors and Mermaids.

Next up on our list are these delightful gingerbread Sailors and Mermaids. Who can withstand this delightful duo?

Although, upon second thought, I'm going to keep the teens away from this particular project. Otherwise, the mermaids might end up looking like a Kardashian, the the sailors might look like rejects from the Magic Mike movie franchise!

Like the seashell Christmas ornaments example, above, these Sailors and Mermaids could also become decorations for your ocean beach tree. Or make it whole theme, such as a sea shell Christmas tree. Coastal ornaments are popular around here!

Carmel Hazelnut Beach Cookies

Nathan Hostler - Oregonlive

Carmel Hazelnut Cookies.

No cutie cookies these - simply luscious flavors of local goodness. Especially as Oregon happens to be the prime hazelnut producer. But no matter where you are, these Carmel Hazelnut Cookies will be a favorite. These cookies will go into your chocolate covered hazelnut recipe file!

Or try out this chocolate covered hazelnut recipe for individual whole nuts:

Time for your hazelnut quiz!

  • What does a hazelnut look like? A round, mahogany colored shell with a connecting stem/hat on top! The "hat" falls off when it dries.

  • Have you ever wondered where 99 percent of all U.S. hazelnuts come from which state? Well, no longer Oregon. Turkey is now the top producer, and the U.S. comes in fourth.

  • Where do hazelnut trees grow? Oregon is the top producer, with the beautiful Willamette Valley the #1 producer. Yes, wine and hazelnuts. Pretty terrific! I have very wonderful memories of the hazelnuts that ringed the playground of my elementary school. When the hazelnuts matured, we'd stomp on the round hazelnut shells and enjoy the treats. In fall, the hazelnut leaves would offer piles of

But honestly. Must we call them hazelnuts?? Those of us that grew up in the area know a filbert when we see one!

Sea Stars Beach Cookies

Sea Stars.

Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight.

Who can resist these tempting Sea Stars? Especially as they're pretty easy peasy to make. And melt in your mouth good.

Aussie Bums Beach Cookies


Aussie Bums!

Sorry - I couldn't resist. These Aussie Bums are so funny, easy, and sure to bring a smile to the face of just the right person to receive these humorous Christmas cookies. And how clever, using a heart shaped cookie cutter and cutting the tip off to replicate the "thong" based Australian beach life!

Quite frankly, I'm dying to know who was sitting around one day and figured this out.

Only the Aussies!

Cranberry Ecstasy Bars

Oregon live

Cranberry Ecstasy Bars.

We don't want to name names of an extremely famous Pacific Northwest coffee shop chain, but many of you may be familiar with their holiday cranberry bars. Around our neck of the woods, we highly prize independent businesses.

Regardless, you'll love this version of those beloved holiday cranberry bars created by Oregon Live  - their own Cranberry Ecstasy Bars. We love our local cranberries!

You'll enjoy it even more if you use local organic cranberries, such as our favorite Starvation Alley Farms.

Oregon Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Oregon Chocolate Cherry Cookies.

The Pacific Northwest is well know for our luscious cherries. You can find delightful pop-up farm stands up and down the coast in the warm summertime where fresh cherries are to be had by the bag full.

Dried Oregon cherries make these cookies a hit. The tart cherries are just the right note to balance the sweet chocolate.  Just a reminder - be sure to save some for yourself!

Life Preserver Cookies

Life Preserver Cookies.

Two donut shaped sugar cookies sandwiched with local fruit preserves, frosted and topped by red licorice stripes make dandy Life Preserver Cookies!

Want to go whole-hog Oregonian? Use Salal Berry Jelly between the layers. People will swoon with your local creed.

We think these would be the perfect combo with The Gingerbread Sailors and Mermaids!

S'mores Cookies


S'mores Cookies.

What? Did you say beach? Did you know that in the American language, the words "beach" and "S'mores" are synonymous?

Those that can't resist those gooey campfire treats will love these S'more Cookies!

The addition of whole wheat flour and graham crackers make this cookie a more textured experience, with the luscious marshmallow and two types of chocolate filling the surprise inside. Heavenly.

Sand Dollar Cookies

Sugar Pies

Sand Dollar Cookies

Everyone loves to collect sand dollars when visiting the beach. We prefer to eat them. Sand Dollar Cookies, that is!

You'll love this easy recipe. We highly recommend adding the suggested lemon peel, and going a little heavier on the cinnamon and sugar topping. Your taste buds will thank you.

New York Times - Strawberry Clouds
New York Times - Strawberry Clouds

Oregon Strawberry Clouds

If you know Oregon, you know our state fruit is the incredible Oregon strawberry.

Just kidding! But it might as well be. When late May early June comes around, we're ready for our to die for fresh picked strawberries.

These Oregon Strawberry Clouds meringue cookies use ground freeze dried strawberries as opposed to fresh, but they bring to mind the warm sunshine and fresh tastes of strawberry season.


Beachy Sugar Cookies

Beachy Sugar Cookies.

Get your sweet on decorating fun, beach themed sugar cookies.

Living gluten free and feeling left out? You might love this low sugar / sugar-free gluten free option!

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Not enough Christmas themed food? How about a Christmas Tree cheeseball?!

Now go forth and bake. And have a very Happy Holidays! Enjoy ~

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for information about our oceanside Manzanita vacation rentals on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

Happy Holidays! Manzanita Beach

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