Best Oregon Coast Christmas Beach Cookies Ever!

We have tons of Oregon Coast vacationers each year. And what's not to love about the beach? It's truly an international love. And we think Christmas on the beach is the best.

Here in Manzanita Oregon love to make fresh, homemade holiday cookies for our oceanfront Manzanita rentals guests, so we have the inside sweet scoop.

One wonderful, crumbly cookie at a time!

Christmas Beach Cookies

Isn't this the ultimate beach cookie decorating? They would also make a nifty sea shell Christmas ornament.

It's our own family tradition to make Oregon Coast Christmas cookies. Or as we call them, Manzanita Beach Christmas cookies. Christmas at the beach means it's time to break out the beach cookie cutters and have some fun and enjoy your ocean themed Christmas.

It's also our family tradition to eat Christmas cookies. But like the Little Red Hen, in our house if you want to eat the cookies, you have to help make the cookies. At least it's supposed to work that way.

Our kids are now older, and easily distracted!

Give the Gift of a Smile!

Another reason we love to create beach themed Christmas beach cookies is that they make terrific and beautiful gifts. Whether as a hostess gift, a present for the family member who has everything, or a neighbor, beach themed Christmas cookies make people smile!

You can find many recipes for masterful frosted artisan cookies that highlight talent and the time to create them.

This year we've decided to focus on delightful cookies that are charming, fairly quick, and easy.

So what are some of the cookies we have on our list this year? Follow along, and we'll share this year's line up.

But you have to promise not to tell!

Fish and Chips Beach Cookies

Fish and Chips.

These sweeties are first on our list simply based on their very clever name. Fish and Chips!

The second reason is they're so very easy. I must admit, someone is getting a little bit lazy as time goes by.

However, these are easily adaptable to use with any of your beach themed cookie cutters. Creativity rules, so go wild.

Driftwood logs

Driftwood Logs

The New York Times calls it Homemade Pocky - we call it Chocolate Dipped Driftwood!

While the internet is full of Pocky recipes - we even ran across Poke nacho recipes listed under Pocky recipes - we love to make these reimagined as a fun beach cookie!

Whatever you call them, we like to call them fun! Dip them in your favorite melting candy and go wild. Last Christmas, we dipped them in white chocolate, then rolled them in crushed peppermint candies.