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Cannon Beach Conference Center 101: Ask Manzanita Beach Life

In our new series Ask Manzanita Beach Life, our reader Janna M. asks: Are you affiliated with the Cannon Beach Conference Center, and if so, are you the person to talk to about booking large groups at the Cannon Beach Conference Center? If not, do you have any good ideas where to find accommodations for large groups on the Oregon Coast?

Manzanita Beach Life answer: You're not the first person to ask us about booking the Cannon Beach Conference Center. Our Manzanita Vacation Rentals are actually on Manzanita Beach. The Cannon Beach Conference Center is 13 miles north of us.

The Cannon Beach Conference Center is officially named The Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center and, according to their website, is "one of the premier Christian retreat and conference centers on the West Coast."

You may find out more about their retreat requirements through The Cannon Beach Conference Center website, or by calling (800) 745-1546 or (503) 436-1501.

If you're looking for a Manzanita Vacation Rental closer to Manzanita, you might check out our oceanfront Manzanita houses: the Historic Reed House is equipped for 20 guests; our Oceanfront Modern Lodge sleeps 16; the Oceanfront Modern Cabin accommodates 10 guests; the Oceanfront Cottage welcomes up to 8 guests; and our Oceanfront Caretakers Bungalow sleeps 4 guests. If you book all five houses you may accommodate up to 56 guests at our oceanfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals!

However, we certainly doesn't accommodate the number of guests as The Cannon Beach Conference Center does so it might be worth a call to see what their policies are.

South of Manzanita Beach near Rockaway Beach you'll find the Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center, also their smaller Harbor Villa Retreat Center.

While both The Cannon Beach Conference Center and Twin Rocks Friends Camp are Christian based Conference Centers, I've heard of other groups staying at their facilities.

We hope you find the perfect spot for your Oregon Coast getaway!


Interested in finding out more about our oceanside Manzanita Vacation Rentals? Contact us for more information on our house on the beautiful seven mile Manzanita Beach.

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