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Awesome Pokemon GO Tips for 5 North Coast and Manzanita Oregon Areas

Looking for Great Pokemon Go Tips for the North Coast and Manzanita Oregon Area?

Including Rockaway, Wheeler, Nehalem, Cannon Beach, Seaside and Astoria?

Pokemon GO Tips for 5 North Coast and Manzanita Oregon Areas

Do your kids (or admit it - you!) love the search for rare Pokemons? Is someone in your group completely obsessed with capturing  as many Pokemon as possible?

While many roll their eyes at the latest Nintendo game, many, including Science Daily, find impressive health benefits from this latest craze. While people remain glued to their phone, Pokemon Go players are getting out side, exercising, and enjoying the chase with other Pokemon Go players.

Well, we've got the latest Insider's Tips for you.

Follow along -- you never know who (or what) you'll find!

Pokemon Go players

Are You a Pokemon GO Novice?

If so, we'll fill you in on this latest phenomena. If you're currently on the hunt for the latest and greatest creature, skip on ahead to the coastal areas.

Can you believe Pokemon Go, built on a real world gaming platform, was just released in July 6 of this year? Already larger than Tinder, it's near to exceeding Twitter's daily user count. Using an app, it creates augmented reality where Pokemon creatures appear in your own surroundings.

The goal is to capture as many Pokemon as possible then battle them in gyms.

The difference between Pokemon Go and other Pokemon games is that you move your creatures by actually walking around in the physical world. If a Pokemon appears in your path, you tap it on your screen to put it in your view. The wiley creature will appear to hovering in from of you. To actually capture it, you fling a Pokeball at it by swiping upwards on your screen.

To collect Pokeballs, you gather them at Pokestops, which are found on the game's map. They appear as a circle with a ball in the center. When you approach these locations, you'll spin the circle on the screen to gather Pokeballs, instance, eggs and potions.

Of course, you can buy your important tools on the app!

Pokemon GO Novice

Why do you need these tools? They are used to capture your creatures and heal them after battle.

Your Pokemon battle in gyms, in rival and friendly battles.

You train and level up your Pokemon with candy and stardust.

Of course, that's a very brief and general explanation of Pokemon Go. Now on to the fun ...

We'll Post the Latest Sightings of Pokemons So You Can Join in the Fun!

Have you been luck in catching your Pokemon on the North Coast? Let us know, and we'll add your catch below ...

Pokemon Go Astoria Oregon

Try Flavel House Museum, Flavel House Museum, First United Methodist Church, and Maritime Museum

8/15/16 Maritime Museum: Raichu, Clefable, Poliwrath, Tentacruel

8/14/16 Reported Astoria: Voltorb

8/11/16 Motel 6: Lure

8/10/16 Old Youngs Bay Bridge: Omanyte

8/9/16 Smith Point: Kabuto

Pokemon Go Astoria Oregon

Pokemon Go Seaside Oregon

Check out the Promenade and Turnaround

8/10/16 Seaside on Scanner: Omastar

8/9/16 Promenade and Turnaround: Kabuto, Omanyte

8/9/16 Necanicum River: Omanyte

Pokemon Go Cannon Beach Oregon

Check out the Cannon Beach Community Church, the Cannon Beach Bible Church, and the American Legion Post #168.

Pokemon Go Manzanita Oregon

Try the Calgary Bible Church, Covenant Community Church, and Pine Grove Community Center, and the Manzanita Library.

Let us know if any sightings!

Pokemon Go Manzanita Oregon

Pokemon Go Rockaway Oregon

Waiting for information.

Other Great Pokemon Oregon Captures

Try the Oregon Coast Community College Newport, Near Nike Campus Beaverton, Oregon Zoo Parking Lot, Washington Park, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Laurelhurst Park, Woodstock City Park and Nearby Reed College, Cathedral Park, Gateway Transit Center, Greenway Park in Tigard, Tualatin Community Park and Commons, Waterfront Park in Salem,

Note: Skip Downtown Portland. Ride a Trimet bus for a really good capture.

8/14/16 North Clackamas Acquatic Park: Captured 8 Squirtels

8/12/16 Knappa: Dragonite

8/10/16 Sunset Beach near Gearhardt: Kabuto

Pokemon Go Rockaway Oregon

Check back regularly - we'll update you on the latest.

And don't forget to leave your latest tips and finds in the comments, below.

Happy Pokemon Hunting Everyone ~

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