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A Real VRBO in Manzanita Oregon

Have you heard stories about your parents' family vacations? Or, like me, do you remember those trips?

We had a little Airstream towed behind our Dad's silver Buick - yep, with fins!

Boy, have things changed! Gone are the days of pouring over brochures and maps, charting the course for the rare holiday vacation. Honestly, we've got to hand it to those parent pioneers. I remember one summer vacation when my mother packed us in her brand new Volkswagen van and zig zagged across the United States to visit relatives in St. Louis. We were heavily bribed with candy bars and comic books - I'm sure to make the experience bearable for my mother.

Las Vegas! The Grand Canyon! Yellowstone National Park! Did you ever experience those vacations where as many activities were crammed in as possible? Remember those days?

Not Your Grandparents' Family Vacation!

Times Have Changed.

Just like other trends, family vacations have changed. While multi-destination vacations still exist, the majority of vacations are to a single destination. People like to stop and relax, either as a couple, a family, or with extended family and friends.

Within this trend, the new idea of bypassing cookie cutter hotel and traditional accommodations was born, and the opportunity of booking a Vacation Rental By Owner arose. Personal privacy, comfort, and the ability of enjoying vacation destinations with insider's information from helpful owners created a whole new level of vacations.

Booking a Manzanita VRBO isn't like your Grandparent's vacation!

vrbo oregon

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Have You Found a Real Vacation Rental By Owner?

The new age with our digitally co-dependent, fast-paced lives, created a desire for a different type of relaxation: hospitality offered by home owners opening up their houses to vacationers. A typical vacation traveler now uses their iPhone and tablet to search for that ideal getaway. Thankfully, it's never been easier to find a private vacation rental, make restaurant reservations, and find local shopping options

On the other hand, with the vacation rental industry giants like VRBO and HomeAway (the parent company of VRBO) and Airbnb gobbling up more market share by the minute, it's getting difficult for the vacation traveler to find a true vacation rental by owner. A few years ago these now giant companies opened their doors to property managers and even hotels and motels.

Since then, a true "vacation rental by owner" has been harder to find. Or for the average vacationer to even know who they're renting from -- a property manager handling often hundreds of houses, or a home owner offering their own house for rental.

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What's the Benefit of a Vacation Rental By Owner?

Have you rented a Vacation Rental By Owner ("VRBO")?  Or are you wondering why you should?

Well, we're here to help you out!

1. Personal Customer Service: The home owner works with the guest directly. Since most owners of a real VRBO only has from one to a small handful of houses offered to vacationers, they aren't busy managing dozens or hundreds of properties. You receive a one on one relationship from start to finish.

2. Be a True VRBO Guest: Wouldn't you rather be a guest, not simply a client? A vacation rental home owner has a vested interest in your vacation. They are hosting you as a guest and will go out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant stay. They want your experience to be wonderful, they would like you to return for future vacations, and they would like for you to tell others about your terrific experience at this particular vacation rental.

vacation rental by owner oregon

Photo Credit Alex Jordan

3Take Advantage of the Savvy Vacation Rental Owner: Vacation Rentals are becoming more and more popular as an ideal private and comfortable option versus hotel resorts. Vacation home owners are invested in providing property amenities optimized for your enjoyment.

Vacation homes used to simply boast linens included. Gone are those days!

Now vacation rentals are more like boutique accommodations rather than someone's vacation home. Espresso machines, ping pong tables, pool tables, the newest huge flat screen TVs, and even oceanside fire pits resemble resort style living with home comforts. Amenities such as free WIFI are the norm.

vrbo in oregon

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4. Owner's Are Invested in their Community: And so will you, when you stay at a reputable owner's vacation rental. Check the details. Many owners are invested in their community and give back by donating to or participating in their favorite charity. You may not realize when you leave un-opened groceries they are often transported to the local food bank or that a portion of your reservation is donated to a charity.

Here in the Manzanita area, we have many wonderful local community based charities. Be sure to ask us for more details.

5. Get the Latest Insider Scoop: Vacation rental owners have insider tips to help you create your own dream vacation. They know the local businesses and typically have lots of information on activities, and things to do and see.

Home owners are ready to share the excitement.

vrbo manzanita

Photo By Alex Jordan

Since The Houses On Manzanita Beach are also listed on the VRBO site, we were curious to find out the latest offerings in the Manzanita Oregon area. How many Vacation Rentals By Owner listed for Manzanita are truly offered by owners?

This wasn't such an easy endeavor. Many listings indicate they are offered by Owner, but when cross checking the telephone numbers, you'll find they're offered by one of the local north coast Property Management Agencies.

We found the following:

  • VRBO has more than 195 listings in Manzanita Oregon. Several are out of the actual Manzanita area.

  • Out of 195 listings, only 45 are true Vacation Rentals By Owners. A whopping 150 are Vacation Rentals offered by Property Management companies.

How Do You Find a Real Vacation Rental By Owner?

Follow along, and we'll tell you how.

VRBO / HomeAway gives you the search capability to make sure you're looking for a house managed by the owner.

  • Look for the More Filters tab to lead you to options that will refine your search.

  • Look for the "Managed By" Category, and click the "Owner" option. This enables you to narrow your search and put you in direct contact with vacation rental home owners. Sometimes. As mentioned, not all "Owner" designated properties are actually managed by the owner. If you want to be absolutely sure, ask in your inquiry if they are the owner or property managers.

  • Narrow your search. We did well with the following search suggestions for your Oregon Coast VRBO vacation: 1. vrbo cannon beach 2. vrbo cannon beach oregon 3. cannon beach vrbo 4. vrbo manzanita rentals 5. vrbo rockaway beach oregon or even 6. vrbo oregon coast

  • Do not look on Oregon coast craigs list. Gone are the days of reliable Manzanita vacation rental postings. Scammers love that particular site.

Be sure to check out this information about listing site service fees and how to avoid them if you'd prefer not to pay them.

vrbo manzanita oregon

Here in Manzanita Oregon at The Houses On Manzanita Beach we have a long history in the community dating back to when one of our grandparents worked for the railroad providing one of the main modes of transportation to the coast throughout the 20th century. These days, we shop locally and have great relationships with the Manzanita Oregon craftspeople and business owners.

We take pride in offering you true Vacation Rentals By Owner with real traditional hospitality with 21st century amenities.

manzanita vrbo

Our guests enjoy the little touches that make their stay more comfortable and relaxing.

Bookshelves filled with books, internet service, fine linens and bedding,  and the kitchen cabinets containing a mirid of spices, coffee, and other things. Comfortable high end furnishings and decor. All these and more make The Houses On Manzanita Beach feel like your own home away from home.

And hopefully, your own private Manzanita Oregon oceanside vacation house -- without all the upkeep. One where you return to for vacations to come.

For more suggestions regarding how to find the perfect rental for your vacation, check out these great recommendations from experienced vacation rental owners.


Interested in staying? Contact us for information about our oceanside vacation rentals on the beach in beautiful Manzanita Oregon.

Vacation rentals by owner, The Houses on Manzanita Beach

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