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How to Find the Best Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals for Large Groups

Having married into a family where my husband is one of five kids, and a mother-in-law who planned fabulous family reunions with military precision, you might call me an expert at big group vacations. With assorted family, in-laws and friends, getaways with over 30 vacationers has been the norm.

We've got you covered for Oregon family reunions or big group vacations

Oregon Coast Large Group Vacation
The Perfect Oregon Coast Large Group Vacation

So when we acquired a large100 year old beach cabin on Manzanita Beach -- one of the original houses left -- when planning our remodel, I knew exactly what the house needed to be the perfect spot for those looking for Oregon vacation rentals for large groups.

We now have more than one oceanfront Manzanita rental perfect for large group getaways. So when guests have questions about making arrangements, I'm here to help.

The most often asked question?

How do you plan an Oregon Coast getaway for large groups?

  1. Follow the leader. Yep. Unfortunately there has to be a designated leader or point person when planning a large group vacation. Usually there's someone within your group and family that either enjoys organizing or is very organized. Often this person steps up to volunteer, which works nicely!

  2. Set a budget. Sometimes this is the first bump in the road. Usually there's disparate expectations on what a large group vacation looks like to the various members. Knowing your budget for is an important step in examining your large group vacation ideas.

  3. Research large vacation rentals for family reunions or big groups. Luckily for those planning getaways, Oregon family reunion accommodations are more plentiful than ever before. The need to define what type of accommodation is important. As is defining the needs within the group. Who is willing to share a room? Who needs their own room? Are people willing to compromise considering the budget? What are the plans for meals? Eating out? Potluck? Are cooking facilities important? Or a place for a private chef? What size of eating and gathering spaces do you need? Or, does everyone want their very own space? This will help you determine whether you need an Oregon Coast vacation rental or a hotel or motel.

  4. Determine your location destination on the Coast. Many groups already have a preferred or determined destination on the Coast. Others are still investigating. I would suggest letting your budget and type of vacation determine your location. Are you looking for some place with lots of touristy type activities? Try looking at Seaside, Rockaway Beach, or Lincoln City. Are you looking for proximity to Portland due to travel reasons? Try the north Coast, from Astoria down to Pacific City. Desired type of accommodations would also help determine your location. Are you set on an Oregon Coast hotel? You'll find greater selections in Astoria, Seaside, and Lincoln City. Interested in Cannon Beach? Try broadening your search to places such as Manzanita Beach, which has a similar vibe, is only 13 miles south of Cannon Beach, has more outdoor activities and the rates at vacation rentals are lower.

  5. Coordinate Communications and Dividing Payments. It's amazing how many times we've seen groups run into trouble collecting funds for payments. Life continually gets in the way, especially when people are busy with work, kids and other commitments. We suggest using an app like Splitwise to collect payments from friends and family. Apps like this make it easy to quickly see payment status and send reminders. Consider creating a private group on Facebook or WeChat specifically for your getaway.

In the meantime, if you're looking for affordable family reunion destinations, or multi-family vacations, please take a look at our Historic Reed House or Oceanfront Modern Lodge for a Manzanita Beach getaway.

Manzanita Oregon is perfectly situated for a convenient drive from the Portland area, has two state parks to the north and south, has freshwater rivers and Nehalem Bay - plus incredible hiking and mountain biking - to the east, and of course, an incredible seven mile long sandy beach on the Pacific to the west.

Each of our larger houses is equipped with either double or large appliances - double ovens, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, large burner ranges, etc. They also feature large gathering spaces with incredible 180º views of the beach and the ocean.

Our Manzanita Rentals are perfect for family reunions or big groups

Our smaller oceanfront beach houses are perfect for extra space. In the neighborhood, they make adding more vacationers easier.

Need more information about our Oregon Coast vacation rentals? We're here to help!

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