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Oregon Clam Season 101: Ask Manzanita Beach Life

Are you in the Zone? The Northwest Zone, that is, for Oregon Clam Season, Manzanita Beach style!

Oregon clam season near Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach Life has all the Insider Tips for your best Oregon Clam Season!

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Northwest Zone encompasses the coastal areas from Alsea Bay at the north to Yaquina Bay at the south. Good news for those interested in clamming in Manzanita Beach and our other North Coast areas.

So we are here to answer some of your most often asked questions - gathered from years of guests staying at our Manzanita rentals - about Oregon Clam Season!

Happily our oceanfront rentals are all located in the Northwest Zone, and that means you're in the backyard of some of the best Oregon clamming around!

And even more happily, Oregon Clam Season is really anytime for our Oregon clams! Further, Insiders know low tides are best - minus tides even better - for your clam hunt when the beach is more exposed.

Today, we're switching it up a little and asking our readers to answer these questions so we can help you enjoy the best clamming that Oregon has to offer.

The Best Oregon Coast Clam Season

When are you visiting the Oregon coast and interested in clamming? What is the best Oregon Clam Season?

As with all Oregon clamming, check with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for details, notices, changes, limits and licensing requirements. Check here for up to date specifics on Oregon Clam Season. Check here for clamming season safety closures. Oregon shellfish licenses may be purchased starting December 1 of the year before you want to clam.

  • Spring: Spring Oregon Clam Season is wide open. The best conditions occur during low tides. Spring and early summer tides can be very low. Add into that temperate weather, and you'll find clams usually covered by surf.

  • Summer: Bay clamming is the clammers’s best bet for summer digging. Razor clamming on the Clatsop beaches is closed from July 15 through September 30 to protect young growing clams.

  • Fall: Fall Oregon Clam Season, for Bay clams, is open all along the coast. The conservation closure of Razor clams on the north Clatsop County Beaches ends September 30th.

  • Winter: Bad winter weather may make some question the winter Oregon clam season. On the other hand, is the water is quiet and tides low, you may find it to be a very good clamming season, indeed.

Best Oregon Clam Season

Check here for a comprehensive daily limit chart. However, before clamming always check with the regulatory agency to see up to date limits and restrictions.

Wondering what type of Oregon clams there are for your Oregon clamming experience?

In other words, know your clams when preparing for Oregon Clam Season!

Razor clams in Oregon. You may find Razor clams throughout the Oregon coastal region. The most reliable populations are found in the beaches north of Manzanita Beach in Clatsop County. For instance, Seaside Beach is well known for their good clamming areas, but beaches between the mouth of the Columbia River west of Astoria to the south of Seaside Beach are popular Razor clamming areas. Razor clam season Oregon style!

Have you wondered why Seaside Razor clams are so plentiful and prized? It turns out Razor clams like the type of sand found in this north Oregon Coast area. Additionally, the beaches between the mouth of the Columbia River and Seaside have been extremely stable due to the construction of the jetties between late 1800 and early 1900.

Check here for a map directing clammers to good Seaside Razor clamming locations.

Check here for the ultimate guide for how to dig Razor clams.

Enjoy Coastal Beauty During Oregon Clam Season

Bay clams in Oregon. Can you name our Oregon Bay Clams? Butter, Cockle, Littleneck, Soft-shell, Purple varnish and Gasper - the largest Bay clam - are the main species sought due to their plentiful nature, taste and size.

The high Oregon season for Bay clamming is May through June, although you can find wonderful clamming year-round.

Check here for a map and instructions for clamming in Nehalem Bay, just over one mile south east of Manzanita Beach. Nehalem Bay consist of large mud flats accessible by boat or by walking in from Nehalem Bay State Park. Here you'll mind soft-shell clams harvested with a shovel or clam gun.

Check here for detailed instructions on Bay clamming.

Check here for a comprehensive daily limit chart.

However, before clamming always check with the regulatory agency to see up to date limits and restrictions.

Dig Razor Clams During Oregon Clam Season

Are you disabled or need extra assistance? There are special permits for the Oregon clam season for those with disabilities.

If you're looking for clams during clamming season, those with disabilities are allowed to have assistance. You can find all the information you need here.

And don't forget, Manzanita Beach Life has all the local information on where to find Oregon beach wheelchairs, if you need one.

Have a great Oregon clam season everyone ~

We appreciate you stopping by Manzanita Beach Life to get the scoop on Oregon Clam Season 101!

Want to find out more about our oceanfront Manzanita Rentals, perfectly situated for your clamming adventure? Don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!


Oceanfront Manzanita Rentals Near Oregon Clamming

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