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Insanely Good Food at 8 (Affordable) Manzanita Restaurants

You've finally arrived at your dream coast vacation in beautiful Manzanita Beach. Fun! Relaxation!

Then the big question comes up ...

Affordable Manzanita Restaurants

Photo Credit: Valerie Wells

What's for dinner? Where are the good Manzanita restaurants?


Manzanita Beach vacationers typically fall into two categories.

  1. They love to cook and enjoy planning and executing wonderful vacation food for everyone!

  2. Vacation means no work, so we're eating out! Well, kind of. Often we defer to the easy route.

When vacationing at our Manzanita Rentals with several families, we love creating the perfect storm of guests who love to cook.

Do you have friends like that? One of our friends challenges herself daily to execute the perfect breakfast. My kids still hope one day they'll wake up and I will have turned into a perfect breakfast chef Mom.

Manzanita Restaurants to try while staying in Manzanita Beach

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

We have another foodie friend who annually visits us at the beach. She's European, teaches cooking, and caters. With this friend, you'll often find us spending afternoons relaxing on the deck, overlooking the ocean while plates of artfully displayed nibbles magically appear on the coffee table.

Later on, we'll enjoy an incredible dinner around our huge dining table with family and friends at our Historic Reed House, our largest oceanfront Manzanita rental house.

Our favourite Manzanita Beach vacations? When both of these friends are in the house!

Obviously we fall into the second category of Manzanita Beach vacation goer food planners.  We serve something easy, or we eat out. Which can be a little spendy.  Especially with kids or a larger group.

So we've created our Manzanita Beach Life Insider's Tips: Insanely Good Food at 7 (Affordable) Manzanita Restaurants.  We hope you enjoy!

Left Coast Siesta Manzanita Restaurant

Photo Credit: Left Coast Siesta

1. Left Coast Siesta.  Many people in on this secret Manzanita restaurant would stop the list right here. Left Coast Siesta at Manzanita Beach is so good you'll want to come back several times during your visit. It's that yummy.

Fresh salsas and guacamole, quality ingredients such as 100% white meat tequila lime chicken, and humongous helpings are simply wonderful.

A word of caution. The extra spicy really is just that. Hot!

Very informal - order at the counter, some indoor seating, patio seating, or take your food to go.

288 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130  (503) 368-7997

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: Call ahead and pick up your order to avoid the long lines. Left Coast Siesta is very popular!

Rising Star Cafe Near Manzanita Beach

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

2. Rising Star Cafe. One of our favorite Manzanita restaurants is just outside of Manzanita Oregon, and has a special Pasta Night on Thursdays. Yum!

$14.50 gets you a plate of wonderfully prepared pasta selected from the set menu, grilled bread and salad. With several options to choose from, they include vegetarian and gluten-free offerings.

This is a bargain deal from a higher end Wheeler restaurant. No reservations taken for Pasta Night.

Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tip: Pasta night is popular with locals and Oregon Coast visitors alike. Arrive early or wait until later.

92 Rorvik St, Wheeler, OR 97147  (503) 368-3990

Manzanita Mudd Dog Affordable Manzanita Restaurant

Photo Credit: North Coast Citizen

3. Manzanita Mudd Dog. Jim and Lynn Mudd offer real Chicago Style hotdogs - with a Manzanita Beach twist!

What's unique? Each and every hotdog, drink or bag of chips sold benefits the Mudd Nick Foundation. Along with the hot dog cart and other fundraising, the Foundation  has offered approximately 3,500 opportunities for local area children to participate in life expanding activities.  

They've raised a whopping $355,000 in the last five years.

In addition to zippy Chicago dogs, visitors can fill the tip jar with change – donating over $6,000 in the last two years.

Don't worry - Jim can lead you through the proper steps in building a real Chicago dog.  Manzanita Beach style!

Open seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. A very casual Manzanita restaurant.

60 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, OR 97130  

Manzanita Grocery & Deli Affordable Manzanita Restaurant

Photo Credit: Manzanita Grocery & Deli

4. Manzanita Grocery & Deli.  Another Manzanita restaurant on our list that really isn't a restaurant - a take out counter! Think deli sandwiches at this Manzanita grocery counter, made to order. Sky high. So tall our kids complained there was too much meat!

These sandwiches are also a great deal.

Or order some sliced salamis or meats, cheeses, and olives from the deli. Add some luscious organic fruit from the produce case, a loaf of crusty bread, a bottle of wine, and you've got the makings of a wonderful picnic.

Take out only.

193 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130  (503) 368-5362

Bread and Ocean Manzanita Restaurant and Bakery

Photo Credit: The Delicious Day

5. Bread and Ocean Manzanita. Need we say more?  We'll let you have a moment to soak this in.

If you're located in the area, you might very well have heard of this esteemed Manzanita Beach institution. We could go on and on regarding the rest of their offerings: soups, sandwiches, salads, all with fresh ingredients and melt in your mouth goodness.

But this is about incredible deals.  And Bread and Ocean's offerings are a steal considering the size and high quality ingredients.

The original owner recently sold. While we were skeptical, the new owners have upheld the traditional standards and happily maintain the scrumptiousness we so love. Plus they're very welcoming.

And the food maintains the melt in your mouth goodness!

The good news? This Manzanita restaurant has added dinner service on the weekends.

Counter ordering with indoor tables available.

154 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130  (503) 368-5823

Buttercup Nehalem Restaurant

Photo Credit: Coast Explorer

6. Buttercup Ice Creams and Chowders.  Julie Barker, of (formerly) Blue Sky Cafe and Bread and Ocean Manzanita fame, has opened the eatery she's always dreamed of.

Buttercup offers only two things, and boy are they done well.

Fresh chowder, made to order, and fresh artisan ice creams, sorbets and semifreddos. On handmade cones designed to coordinate with the frozen confections. All served to go.

Imagine luscious chowders on a monthly revolving menu such as Caribbean Seafood, Prawn-Fennel, Manhattan Beach with Razor Clams, Smoked Salmon, Razor Clam Traditional, and their Vegan offering, Thai Veggie.

So where does the affordability come in?

Split a bowl with your buddy. A bowl is enough for two. Plus you're offered sliced artisan baguette and butter to go with it.

This is so wonderful, you'll definitely want to give it a try. And you'll be back for more.

Take out only. Seasonal picnic tables in back. Be sure to stop by this favorite Nehalem restaurant.

35915 N Hwy 101, Nehalem, OR 97131  (503) 368-2469

Fresh seafood Nehalem Bay Kelly's Brighton Marina

Photo Credit: Kelly's Brighton Marina

7. Kelly's Brighton Marina.  Fresh seafood is having your lunch pulled from the beautiful Nehalem Bay next to Kelly's Brighton Marina, cooked to order, and eaten at one of the picnic tables overlooking the blue waters, with Neahkahnie and the incredible scenery looming in the distance.

Or want a really great afternoon? Rent a boat, catch your own, then have every jolly owner Kelly Laviolette and his crew cook your crab, steam some clams or shuck your oysters.

This is real beach eats, eaten with paper plates and plastic forks. Your ambiance is killer scenery and incredibly fresh seafood.

To go or eat at a dockside picnic table overlooking the incredible Nehalem Bay.

29200 N Hwy 101, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136  (503) 368-5745

8. Riverview Fish and Chips. Guests are reporting this spot on the scenic Nehalem River has the best Fish and Chips on the Oregon Coast! We're looking forward to giving it a try, but apparently their goodies are obviously home made, from the tarter sauce, cold slaw, all the way to their secret seasoning.

Located in a food truck along the river, the fool is "well worth the wait" as each order is made fresh.

35915 N Hwy 101, Nehalem, OR 97131 (Behind Buttercup).

Manzanita Farmer's Market Affordable Manzanita Restaurant

Photo Credit: RealTimeFams

Bonus Tip:  Manzanita Farmer's Market.  Fridays, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Mid-June through mid-September. Manzanita Beach vendors serving up wonderful offerings such as crepes, Asian food, BBQ, Mediterranean, and lots more. There's enough to please everyone.

Intersection of 5th Street and Laneda Ave, Manzanita, Oregon 97130

You'll find many more opportunities for yummy eats around our Oregon Coast community!

Check out Wanda's Cafe for great breakfasts and lunches.

Looking for affordable restaurants around the Manzanita Beach area?

Need a special diet friendly restaurant? We've got you covered.

Free food? Spend the day clamming and savor your catch!

Enjoy our wonderful Manzanita restaurants ~

Interested in staying at one of our oceanfront Manzanita Rentals? Contact us for information about our accommodations on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

Oceanfront Manzanita Rentals

Photo Credit: The Houses On Manzanita Beach

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