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Guest Post: Manzanita - A Vacationer's Perspective

We Love Our Guests

Don't know if you've been following us long enough to tell, but one of the best perks of running our vacation rental business The Houses On Manzanita Beach is the interaction with our guests.

Granted, people planning vacations are usually in a good mood, and pretty excited at that.

In our 19+ years of helping guests craft the perfect vacation, we've gotten to know some guests really quite well.


The Renaissance Guest.

Jo Benedetti first visited our Oceanfront Cabin in mid-2013. She was looking for a much needed break from work. Since that time she's taken a very early retirement and has travelled the world (can you tell I'm envious), but still returns to our area for regular Manzanita R&Rs.

Besides being a terrific amateur photographer, runner, lover of books and a glass of fine wine to toast spectacular sunsets, Jo holds the distinction of one of our guests that has stayed in all three of our houses.

Her latest visit was to our recently remodelled Historic Reed House, and she graciously agreed to share her story and her wonderful photos.

Remodeled Historic Reed House, Manzanita Beach

Don't you think they're great? Follow along for the rest of her vacation.

p.s. Below is the one photo not taken by Jo, but by her talented husband Brian at The Historic Reed House.

Brian at The Historic Reed House

Jo's Story

Last October my husband and I took a four-day trip to Manzanita Oregon, which is just south of Cannon Beach. We've vacationed in Cannon Beach many times but it always felt so crowded which is why we love Manzanita more.

Manzanita Oregon, which is just south of Cannon Beach

It's less touristy but still has everything I want: cute shops, good restaurants, a pub, two grocery stores, including a small Whole Foods, great pizza from Marzano's, a wine bar, even a golf course (though I don't golf).

Great pizza from Marzano's

Cloud and Leaf bookstore, Manzanita

Oh...and the Cloud and Leaf bookstore! Don't you just love when vacation towns have a bookstore? I always make a point to buy books while on vacation.

Lots of books at The Houses on Manzanita Beach

Books, Historic Reed House, Manzanita

On our last day the Bread and Ocean bakery next door to the bookstore served me the best latte I've ever had. (Had I known earlier I would have been there every morning!)

Bread and Ocean bakery, Manzanita Beach

Bread and Ocean bakery, Manzanita Beach

In Manzanita you come across folks of all ages, locals and tourists alike - cute construction/surfer guys with dreadlocks, families with young children, older couples stopping through on a long road trip. Everyone is so friendly.

San Dune Pub, Manzanita Beach

We had a great time watching the Seahawks/Panthers game (even though we ended up losing) sitting with fellow Washingtonians at the San Dune Pub. We always make it to the San Dune a couple of times when we visit and feel so welcomed.

San Dune Pub, Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach, OR

On this trip we stayed at The Historic Reed House. The house recently went through an extensive remodel that took over a year. (I know because I followed it on Facebook.)

The Historic Reed House, Manzanita, OR

The Historic Reed House, Manzanita, Oregon

The Historic Reed House, Manzanita Beach, OR

It was worth the wait. This house could be on the HG Channel! We've already booked it for a whole week next October to stay with my brothers and their families. I hope to make it an annual family get together.