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Guest Post: Manzanita - A Photographer's Viewpoint

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Welcome to our Guest Post series!

The fact is, we're biased about Manzanita Oregon and our surrounding area. No surprise!

So we thought it would be fun to take a look at our area through fresh eyes.

Manzanita - A Photographer's Viewpoint

Are You Directionally Challenged?

Up first is Alex Jordan, the terrific blogger behind Directionally Challenged. Alex specializes in taking evocative photos around the Pacific Northwest. I think she excels in truly capturing the feeling of her subjects.

When Alex decided to stay at our Manzanita vacation rental, the Oceanside Modern Cabin, we asked if she'd like to share some of her thoughts -- and photos! - regarding the area.

We're thrilled to see Manzanita through the eyes of Alex Jordan. Let's follow along on her photographic journey ...

Manzanita Oregon - By Alex Jordan

manzanita photos

As a photographer, sometimes it takes an extra amount of observation to capture the alluring and special aspects of a place. But on a recent visit to the quaint town of Manzanita, the photographs nearly took themselves. From the town's adorable main street to the long stretch of classic Oregon beach, the beauty is abundant.

I recently explored Manzanita and stayed in The Houses On Manzanita Beach's unique and inviting Oceanside Modern Cabin, located right on the Manzanita Beach. Like the town itself, the newly renovated cabin simply oozes style. The bright, colourful decor and clean, straight lines make one feel as if they've stepped into a Scandinavian 'home and style magazine.' From the conjoined living area and kitchen, one emerges onto a large deck with a picture perfect view of the ocean, Manzanita Beach, and Neahkahnie Mountain.

As I stood on the deck my first night at the cabin. I couldn't put my camera down as the sun slipped below the western horizon creating a kaleidoscopic glow across the beach and row of houses lining Ocean Road. Living in Portland, I've visited the Oregon Coast many times in my life and seen the majority of the 363 mile stretch of land and sea, but something about Manzanita is special, compelling. It's a simple, relaxed, and idyllic beach town.

manzanita photo

manzanita photography

beach side photography

Manzanita Beach

Manzanita vacation rentals

neahkahnie viewpoint

Wildlife Manzanita Oregon


Downtown Manzanita is just a few minutes walk from the Oceanside Cabin. As a book lover, my favourite part of the long strip of downtown Manzanita boutiques and specialty shops on Laneda Avenue is the Cloud & Leaf Bookstore. Walk through the vine and floral engulfed entrance and pick up the latest bestseller or something Avant grade on art or travel. Yes, this cute little bookstore is just that - little - but it seems to have everything a visitor could want.

Exploring the shops on Laneda Avenue could take an entire afternoon, but from the bookstore I hopped up the street to Manzanita Sweets - a candy and specialty chocolate shop with an old-fashioned vibe and an extensive assortment of retro candy. YUUUM.

Downtown Manzanita

Books Manzanita

Manzanita grocery

Manzanita shopping

Manzanita stores

Crabbing Oregon

Sweets Manzanita

During my stay, I also visited the two other homes belonging to The Houses On Manzanita Beach. The immense Historic Reed House offered a style and grandeur not often found at the coast. It seemed as if the three floors of elegantly decorated living space and bedrooms would go on forever. This house could sleep an army, but very, very fashionably.

Historic Reed House

North Oregon Coast
Manzanita flowers

Books Reed House

Oceanfront historic reed house

Though I didn't have the opportunity to see the interior of the Oceanfront Cottage, I could tell it was just as charming as the other two Manzanita Oregon vacation rentals offered by The Houses On Manzanita Beach.

Directly on the ocean, the cottage is rustic and homey, and has a large lawn and fire pit, ideal for summer and outdoor living.

Manzanita 7 mile beach

Manzanita oceanfont cottage

Beach in Manzanita Oregon

Manzanita blooming flower

View on Manzanita Beach

Oceanfront rental cabin in Manzanita

Back at the Oceanside Modern Cabin, my friends and I poured ourselves a round of frosty margaritas and simply enjoyed the view.

Margaritas on the beach in Manzanita

pet friendly Manzanita

Manzanita vacation rentals

Beach puddles Manzanita

Manzanita sunset

Alex Jordan

Don't you think Alex's work is incredible?

Be sure to follow along on her Blog journey, Directionally Challenged.

She can also be found at Alex Jordan Creative

Thank you Alex for sharing your Manzanita Oregon Viewpoint!


Interested in staying? Contact us for information about our oceanside vacation rentals on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

oceanside vacation rentals on the beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Photo Credits: Alex Jordan

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