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5 Reasons You Must Visit Bruce's Candy Kitchen

Guest Post By Annika B.

Cannon Beach is one destination that is home to amazing Cannon Beach stores offering wonderful shopping, and one of the favourites is Bruce's Candy Kitchen.

This small Oregon Coast town attracts many vacationers who love both the beach and the selection of small, independent Cannon Beach shops. Bruces Candy Kitchen is a must visit!

You'll definitely want to add a stop at Bruces Candy Kitchen to your list of things to do in Cannon Beach.

Bruce's Candy Kitchen
Iconic Pink Striped Bruce's Candy Kitchen

Downtown Cannon Beach itself is one long street small little shops worth visiting. While, I highly recommend stopping by as many of them as possible, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is one of the Cannon Beach shops you shouldn't miss.

Want to know why? Well here's the five best things about Bruce’s Candy Kitchen:

1. The Salt Water Taffy

One of the first reasons to go to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is their amazing salt water taffy.

Bruces Candy Kitchen Salt Water Taffy
Luscious Handmade Salt Water Taffy at Bruces Candy Kitchen

Bruce’s makes a truly perfect salt water taffy. What's the difference? Their taffy is soft, flavourful and luscious. And very fresh.

You can actually see this Cannon beach shop's salt water taffy being made right in their kitchen the old fashioned way, with big copper vats and candy makers working the taffy on marble tables.

This Cannon beach shops taffy makes for a perfect gift to bring home from vacation. Be sure to ask for one of their distinctive pink and white striped boxes. Fans can spot them a mile away.

There is so many delicious flavours to choose from. Flavours of taffy at this special candy shop even includes special seasonal flavours. So stop on by anytime of the year and enjoy not only their regular delicious flavour selections, but limited edition flavours, too!

2. Handmade Chocolate

Next up one of our favourite Cannon beach shops is delicious, handmade chocolate. This is one category at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen that I have always loved! Their scrumptious and fun chocolates are unlike any other you have had.

They have special Cannon Beach truffles, chocolate covered seafoam, barks, fudge, seasonal candy such as our favourite, the chocolate dipped Peeps, and so much more. The best part? You can tell it's melt in your mouth homemade - or Bruce's Candy Kitchen made!

Peeps at bruces candy kitchen
Seasonal Chocolate Peeps at Bruce's Candy Kitchen

I highly recommend the Seafoam. It has a crunchy meringue like center made with caramelized sugar and molasses, then covered with chocolate. Bruce's Candy Kitchen seafoam puts being at the beach and enjoying chocolate together into one yummy bite.

3. Caramel Apples

Next up are the best caramel apples you will ever have. I get one from this Cannon beach shop’s tantalizing display case almost every time I visit Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. They've recently added to their selection and have several types of caramel apples to choose from.

Best Cannon Beach Shops
Handmade Caramel Apples at Bruces Candy Kitchen

However I highly recommend the traditional caramel apple. Bruce's uses the freshest Granny Smith apples as a tart, juicy contrast to the fresh camel topping. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I do have to admit the the caramel apple with chocolate drizzle is also perfect! Make sure to take a look at this beautiful display case featuring their caramel apples. It is truly a heaven for caramel apple lovers!

4. Team Candy

Something really fun is Bruce's Candy Kitchen's selection of assorted team candy. If you're a big college or professional team fan, Bruce’s has something for you! They have University of Oregon, Oregon State University, University of Washington, and even Seahawks Jelly beans.

Bruces Candy Kitchen Team Candy
Colorful Team Candy at Bruce's Candy Kitchen

Coming into this shop to pick out candy is perfect for a game day, birthday party, or even just a celebration!

5. Something for Everyone

If team candy isn’t your thing don’t worry! Bruce's Candy Kitchen has something for everyone. They have jelly beans, chocolate, caramel corn, cotton candy, sour candies, gum balls, spicy candies, and anything and everything that you could think of. This is definitely the place to bring the whole family!

Colorful Bruces Candy Kitchen
Something for Everyone at Bruce's Candy Kitchen

My family can’t help but stop at Bruce's each time we’re browsing our favourite Cannon Beach shops. I’ve been visiting Bruce’s Candy Kitchen for longer than I can remember.

It’s truly an adventure to stop at Bruce's Candy Kitchen!

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