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Manzanita Weather Information: Ask Manzanita Beach Life

"What will the Manzanita weather be like during my vacation?"

It never fails - we hear the Manzanita weather question at least once per month from visitors to our Manzanita rentals, at minimum. We can't blame vacationers heading to our scenic spot on the coast -- Manzanita Beach has become a much sought after destination!

Manzanita weather rolls over Neahkahnie and Manzanita Beach

Photo Courtesy of Laura Hillenbrand

To be honest, the best answer would be Manzanita weather is anyone's guess.

But be sure to bring a rain coat; just in case!

Luckily, we have a bit more scientific information about the Manzanita weather.

Follow along for our insiders information about Manzanita weather patterns. As you can see from our 2015 Manzanita Weather infographic, most Manzanita weather assumptions might just be wrong.

Manzanita weather infographic compares national averages
Manzanita weather infographic

Infographic courtesy of The Houses On Manzanita Beach

Based on our own historic experience, we find one should always visit Manzanita Beach prepared for a little rain. We always have our rain jackets handy and suggest the same for our guests at our Manzanita rentals. After all, rain keeps the Oregon coast green!

As Manzanita Beach visitors can imagine, the instances of rain increase after September, culminating to the highs in December and drastically falling back after January. However, we were curious to follow the Manzanita weather closely to get a better idea of the trends.

To that end, we've been taking weekly Wednesday Wave Therapy videos every Wednesday and posting the results for our guests.

For instance, the following video was from the morning of February 14, 2018:

You'll find our Manzanita weather Wave Therapy Wednesday videos on our The Houses On Manzanita Beach YouTube channel here. Our Manzanita weather videos are posted by date (Month, Day, Year).

So far, we've been pleasantly surprised with the results -- although our visitors to our Manzanita rentals who love storms will be slightly disappointed!

Another place to keep updated regarding Manzanita weather is Gordon's Tillamook Weather Center. Gordon McCraw is considered by many as the Northwest Oregon Coastal Weather Authority and is currently a member of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Manzanita weather makes for great photographs

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for regular Wave Therapy Wednesday updates to check out our Wednesday Manzanita weather conditions!

We hope you enjoy our local  Manzanita weather, Manzanita Beach style, and our local Manzanita weather tips help in planning your vacation getaway. Be sure to check out more of our posts about Manzanita Beach - we love to vacation year round!

What's your favourite Manzanita weather vacation tip?

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about our Manzanita weather ~

Want to learn more? Contact us for information about our beachfront Manzanita Vacation Rentals on our beautiful seven mile north Oregon Coast Manzanita Beach.

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