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Arch Cape Oregon - Best Things to Do

Visiting Arch Cape Oregon and wondering what the best things are to do around the area?

Our Oceanfront Manzanita Vacation Rental guests often travel the little over eight miles from Manzanita Beach to Arch Cape Beach to explore this wonderful area.

Things to do Arch Cape Oregon

Following along, and Manzanita Beach Life will let you in on all our area Insiders Tips.

Arch Cape is a small beach community, with the beach running parallel to Hwy. 101 and approximately three streets deep between the highway and the beach, a mixture of stone and sand, depending on the tide level. It was named for the natural basalt rock arches found here, and the headland cape which juts into the Pacific. Castle Rock, a mini haystack rock, sits just off the coast.

It's located a little over five miles south of Cannon Beach, surrounded by Hug Point State Park to the north and Oswald West State Park to the south. This sleepy little community consists of residences, one vintage store on Hwy 101, with the area's Catholic Church, Saint Peter the Fisherman, on the opposite side of the highway.

Arch Cape Beach

Arch Cape Beach access can be found at various points on the residential street that runs parallel to the coastal beach, the most common one being the access on Ocean Lane. Visitors simply follow the sign directing them to the beach. 

Don't know what to pack for your vacation? The Arch Cape Oregon weather mimics that of the sister Oregon Coast city, Cannon Beach. You can find out more about Cannon Beach weather here, including a temperature chart with monthly averages.

By now you may be wondering what there is to do in Arch Cape Oregon and the beautiful surrounding area.

What makes this community attractive to the fans of Arch Cape is the quiet, laid-back lifestyle in this sleepy spot. No Arch Cape restaurants, Arch Cape coffee shops, nor Arch Cape Events. The only kite flying contest you'll find on this beach is between visitors.

Fly a kite at Arch Cape Oregon

So what are the best things to do in Arch Cape Oregon? Basically relaxing and enjoying the quiet Oregon Coast lifestyle, and exploring our wonderful Oregon coast area.

Take a long walk on the beach. At low tide the normally stony beaches at Arch Cape reveals packed sand, offering miles of walking, beach combing and exploring.

Look for the Arch Cape Ghost Forest. In 2008 storms revealed the Arch Cape Ghost Forest, formed over 4,000 years ago, which occasionally is seen by visitors, depending on the conditions when visiting.

Do take note - the tide rises high on Arch Cape Beach. One needs to be very aware of the tide when exploring on this beach, especially on the rock area.

Explore nearby Oregon Coast parks and beaches. Hug Point State Park, Arcadia Beach, Oswald West State Park, Haystack Hill State Park and Ecola State Park are only short drives from Arch Cape Beach.

Best things to do Arch Cape Oregon

Hike the Oregon Coast Trail. Or a portion of it! This incredible 382 mile trails wanders along Oregon's Pacific Coast, from the Columbia river south to the California border. 

Try the 9.5 section of the Oregon Coast Trail that runs from Ecola State Park to Arch Cape.

Enjoy nearby Cannon Beach restaurant and shops. Check our our Manzanita Beach Life Insiders Tips for more fun:

Cannon Beach Shopping

We've had readers of Manzanita Beach Life ask if it's possible to stay in Arch Cape and walk to enjoy the various things to do in Cannon Beach. The answer is a resounding no - you'll need a car when staying in Arch Cape Oregon, for everything other than relaxing and exploring.

Arch Cape Oregon Map

For such a small coastal community, you'll find many Arch Cape lodging options.

Enjoy your visit to Arch Cape Oregon ~

You won't want to miss it!

Thank you following along about life around our North Coast and Manzanita Oregon area, our Manzanita activities, and the fabulous Oregon Coast!

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