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The Best Manzanita Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Many Manzanita Oregon vacationers bring their pet with them. After all, Manzanita Beach is known as a pet friendly Oregon beach town.

Need help finding the Best Manzanita Pet Friendly Vacation Rental or Pet Friendly Hotel or Motel?

We've got you covered!

So you're thinking about a vacation at the beach, and you want to bring your beloved pet.

Where's the best place to visit on the Oregon Coast with your dog?

We think Manzanita pet friendly vacations are the best. And we think for accommodations and lodging there's nothing better then Manzanita rentals.

But if you're a hotel fan, don't worry - there are lots of pet friendly hotels Oregon Coast style!

Manzanita vacation rentals, pet friendly
Manzanita vacation rentals, pet friendly

Lauren Oxford

We've been renting our Manzanita pet friendly vacation rentals for over 20 years, because we know think Manzanita is one of the best coastal friendly vacation spots.

And luckily, we're here to help you with some tips to find a good match for your best pet friendly vacation!

Manzanita Pet Friendly Hotels and Vacation Rentals - What to Expect

You know your beach vacation will be that much more fun by including your pet - but what should you expect when looking for a vacation rental, hotel or motel in Manzanita? What can you expect from an Oregon Coast vacation rental pet friendly style?

Vacation Rental Pet Fees

Most travellers will be familiar with pet fees if they travel often with their furry friends. These fees can help pay for additional cleaning, or simply serve as a fall-back in the event of any damage caused by pets.

Fees range from $10 – $25/night, or up to $100 per pet for the entirety of the stay. Alternatively, some owners will charge a refundable pet deposit, to be returned if the pet does not cause any damage. If you accept a damage insurance plan such as Travel Guard Accidental Rental Damage Insurance, you may be covered for up to $3,000 worth of damages caused by a guest’s pet.

Oregon Coast rentals pet friendly

Vacation Rental Pet Policies

Hopefully when looking for a pet friendly vacation rental, the rental you're booking will have clear policies outlining expectations when vacationing with pets. Setting a standard policy will help mitigate misunderstandings between owners or property managers and guests. You can expect this throughout Oregon Coast lodging that accepts pets.

Here are some things to expect when looking at pet friendly accommodations:

What Pets are Accepted?

Does the Manzanita or other coastal pet friendly vacation rental accept only dogs, or does it also allow other pets? Many pet friendly vacation rentals only accept dogs, and not other types of pets such as cats. Be sure to ask first to avoid misunderstandings.

Believe it or not, we've even had an Iguana visit our Oceanfront Cottage. The guests were extremely polite in checking first to make sure their Iguana would be welcome, and outlined how they proposed to care for their Iguana when visiting. They brought a cage and bedding for caring for their unique pet when in the house, and we're thrilled their pet inclusive vacation was a hit!

Check out the photo I snapped of the Iguana taking a beach walk.

Pet friendly beach
Pet friendly beach

What is the Maximum Number of Dogs Allowed?

Is there a limit on the number of dogs (or pets) to be at the property at one time? Many properties allow only two dogs maximum on the property per visit.

Also, check to find out if the pet fee is one fee for all the pets you're including, or one fee per pet.

Are There Weight Restrictions for Pets?

Is there a weight limit for dogs visiting vacation rentals? For those vacation rentals that prefer small dogs only, a common limit is 40 lbs.

Is There a Requirement that the Pet is Housebroken?

Does the pet friendly rental that you're interested in require that dogs be housebroken? Often vacation rental owners or property managers find this helps avoid indoor accidents in a new, unfamiliar environment.

Manzanita rentals pet friendly
Manzanita rentals pet friendly

Is There a Requirement that Pets Stay off Furniture?

Does the vacation rental allow dogs on the furniture? While this may sound like a difficult policy to enforce, many vacation rentals recommend that guests bring a dog bed or pillow.

If a dog is allowed on the furniture, is it required you bring a cloth or sheet to protect the furniture?

What are Waste Clean-up Policies?

In Manzanita, pet friendly rentals all require that guests remove their pet's waste in the yard and surrounding areas. Ask whether the vacation rental supplies waste bags for guests or whether you need to bring your own.

Also, familiarize yourself with the areas around your vacation destination. In our area, you'll find pet waste bags at the beach entrance at the west end of the main street of the city of Manzanita, Laneda Avenue, as well as pet waste receptacles.

Pet friendly Manzanita vacation rentals
Pet friendly Manzanita vacation rentals

What are the Leash Policies?

While guests are responsible for following local municipal leash policies, be sure to ask what the particular policies are for the vacation rental. Does your vacation rental have HOA restrictions on leashed dogs in the community? If so, fees for violations will be passed on to you, so be sure to ask about the policies.

While you're inquiring about leash policies, ask whether the yard is fully fenced to contain your pet. You may need to have your pet on a leash while arriving and departing from the vacation rental.

Also familiarize yourself regarding beach leash policies. According to the Oregon State Park Department:

Pets are welcome on most ocean beaches, and usually don’t have to be leashed, although they must be under direct control (within sight and responsive to commands). You should have a leash ready in case you’re asked to restrain your pet by a park employee.

Pets are not permitted on some beaches or at certain times of the year to protect wildlife. Follow posted rules and check for updates on restricted beach areas before you go.

That being said, never leave your dog unattended. The most well-trained dog can get distracted by all the beach fun. Be sure to pay special attention to your surroundings and any potential situations that may cause your dog to wander or run off. Follow all of the beach rules.

And if a visitor has their dog tightly leashed, but sure to keep your own pet away. The other dog may have a special issue that makes for a bad pet playmate!

Pet friendly rentals, Oregon coast
Pet friendly rentals, Oregon coast

Are there Flea and Tick Prevention Policies?

Does the vacation accommodation require your pet be treated with specific tick and flea prevention? Some owners or property management companies prefer to take these measures to ensure that their property stays pest-free.

What Pet Friendly Vacation Rental Amenities are Offered?

Does your pet friendly rental offer an outdoor shower or similar situation for quick and easy clean-up after a fun day at the beach? Is there an enclosed porch, deck or yard where your dog can soak up the rays, safely slumber in the shade, and breathe in the salty ocean air?

Perhaps your dog prefers an oceanfront view - because, who doesn't?

Seriously, lodging closest to the beach means a shorter walk for fido, and the rest of the family.

Does your vacation rental provide other amenities for your pet, such as food or water bowls, towels to dry off after a day at the beach, or other treats?

Oregon coast pet friendly rentals
Oregon coast pet friendly rentals

Manzanita Pet Friendly Vacation Tips

Just a few additional tips to may your pet friendly day at the beach even better, check these hacks out:

  • You'll enjoy these Manzanita pet friendly vacation ideas;

  • If you're driving to the beach, a laundry basket with a blanket and pillow will make a nice doggy car seat;

  • To settle an upset stomach, try some low-sodium chicken broth;

  • Another use for that low-sodium chicken brother, use an ice cube tray to freeze chopped apples in chicken broth for a cool treat after a hot run on the beach;

  • For a cool summer treat during hot weather, make an ice lick by freezing toys, treats and water -- or the chicken brother -- in a cake mold;

  • For a quick dog toy to keep your canine busy, try putting an empty water bottle in a sock. Simply tie a knot in each end, and you have a DIY dog toy which will sure to amaze your dog.

  • In a pinch, try rubber gloves or a squeegee for removing dog hair quickly and easily. Your Manzanita pet friendly vacation rental owner or property manager, or hotel staff will love you for it!

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of all of the things to think about for your pet friendly Manzanita vacation. Other considerations might include the pet’s age, temperament, and health history.

In our area, some Manzanita rental owners choose to institute a full pet policy, while others are more flexible in their requirements.

This list should serve as a guide for items to consider when planning your pet friendly Oregon Coast vacation. Happy trails tails!

We hope our pet friendly vacation tips have helped in planning your pet friendly vacation! Be sure to check out Manzanita Oregon when planning your trip- we love pets!

Where's your favourite place for a pet friendly vacation at the Oregon Coast? Here are some other Oregon Coast pet friendly lodging options:

Our favourite place for a Manzanita pet friendly vacation?

Our own oceanfront pet friendly rentals!

Want to learn more? Contact us for information about our Oregon beachfront Vacation Rentals on our beautiful seven mile north sandy beach.

Manzanita Vacation Rentals, The Houses on Manzanita Beach
Manzanita Vacation Rentals, The Houses on Manzanita Beach

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