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How to Find the Best Cannon Beach Lodging

Are you looking for the perfect Airbnb Cannon Beach or Cannon Beach VRBO? Our guests at our oceanfront Manzanita rentals often ask for tips in finding a terrific Oregon Coast vacation rental. And vacationers often find us in Manzanita when looking for a smaller, quieter and charming beach spot after looking through the selection of north coast Oregon Airbnbs and Oregon VRBO accommodations.

Finding the perfect Airbnb Cannon Beach or Cannon Beach VRBO can be difficult. We're here to help.

Who are we? We have oceanfront Manzanita vacation rentals 13 miles south of the city of Cannon Beach. I spent my childhood driving down to Manzanita Beach on weekends helping build my father's dream beach house, and spending spare time poking around the beach, learning all the ins and outs of our incredible north Oregon Coast.

As Manzanita Beach is surrounded by two scenic state parks, is located at the foot of the largest mountain on the northern Oregon Coast, and has a very charming, laid back creative community.

Manzanita vacation rentals can be a good alternative to Cannon Beach lodging. But regardless of where you prefer to vacation, we have important tips for finding the very best Cannon Beach accommodations for your beach getaway.

Cannon Beach VRBO

When I offer advice, I'm not only considering criteria from the perspective of over twenty two years managing our Manzanita vacation rentals, I'm also speaking from my own experience in finding lodging for our much anticipated vacations. While our guests are able to save money booking directly on our own website as we don't charge service fees, I've certainly booked accommodations on Airbnb and VRBO. For instance, during our trip last year in Europe, we found it much easier to book our lodging on Airbnb than any other platform.

After spending a week in Provence in a charming Airbnb cottage nestled in an olive grove, I admit we're going to have high expectations for our next getaway.

We must admit, we love our own oceanfront Manzanita rentals. But we can certainly understand the appeal of an Airbnb Cannon Beach and a Cannon Beach VRBO.

Cannon Beach Property Management

With that in mind, let's get to our tips for finding the very best Airbnb and VRBO in Cannon Beach.

Honestly, I really love searching for vacation rentals on the internet just because I enjoy seeing the different aesthetic, architecture, and style each home has to offer. After getting pretty good at searches, I’m happy to share my secret to finding the very best Airbnb Cannon Beach and Cannon Beach VRBO for your beach vacation.

Enhance Search - Location Location Location

Contrary to what many recommend, I try not to let dates or location limit my search. While in previous Airbnb and VRBO searches you were required first specify dates, if I now enter Cannon Beach, Oregon into your query, I'm given a group of 66 rentals that reach from south Cannon Beach and Tolovana Park up into the south Seaside area.

Here I like to use Airbnb's Cannon Beach map to the right of the screen using the "-" feature to broaden the search area. One click on the "-" broadened the search from 66 to 186 Cannon Beach vacation rentals.

Cannon Beach VRBO

While 186 Cannon Beach rentals may seem overwhelming, I narrow the search criteria by personal needs. These filters include location, size, and cost. For instance, for your beach vacation is a view or oceanfront location a priority? Using the map feature makes it easy to find. It can also zero in on options in a particular area.

Not sure in what area you might like to stay? If convenience is your preference, search around an attraction you want to visit or a popular area such as Ecola State Park. If local is more your scene, search around the internet, such as “best area around Cannon Beach" or "best vacation rental Cannon Beach," or even "best Airbnb Cannon Beach."

If you’re flexible with your dates, leave the specific dates blank. This way, you can start by choosing listings you like, and then see when they're available. I never enter specific dates unless it’s a last minute booking or I have a very tight time constraint. Leaving the dates open ended means you’ll have many more options.

If you find an Airbnb Cannon Beach or Cannon Beach VRBO you absolutely love but it’s not available during the actual dates you need, simply save the vacation house to your "Favorites" list for a later vacation. Yes, it’s time consuming in the beginning, but dreaming and planning your vacation can be lots of fun.

Airbnb Cannon Beach

In Hosts We Trust

The last thing you want is to arrive for your wonderful vacation and find out the house was not as wonderful as expected; the house is not ready; you can't contact the host. All unhappy scenarios. How to do vacationers avoid this?

  • Check out the photos. Are there lots of photos with lots of different views? Are the photos good quality?

  • Read the reviews. What information are previous guests giving you in the reviews? Was the property as expected? What have guests said about location and condition of the house? Are there mentions of the interactions with the Airbnb Cannon Beach or Cannon Beach VRBO host?

  • Thoroughly read the listing to find out exactly what you're booking. With an Airbnb, be sure to find out whether it’s dedicated solely to guests or you’ll be navigating someone else’s living space while they’re away, or even if they're living in the next room.

  • Research as much as possible on the internet. Usually, there is a house name that is often found in an internet search. Often there is more information to be found in this way, particularly as to whether the house has developed history and trustworthiness.

  • Communication with owner or manager. Are they helpful and friendly? Are emails answered promptly? Check the host’s Response Rate score in their Airbnb or VRBO profile. Take note of grievances and decide whether those are deal-breakers. Is there a pattern of grievances or is it just one or two? Early communications with the owner or manager set the tone for your experience and tell potential guests what their experience may be like.

Cannon Beach Property Management

Sunset Cannon Beach

If you don't find what you're looking for amongst the Airbnb and VRBO offerings, or you might try considering Cannon Beach property management companies. There are several local companies to choose from, such as Starfish Vacation Rentals / Starfish Luxury Rentals, Cannon Beach Property Management, and many more.

Book It.

Once you've found your dream Airbnb Cannon Beach or Cannon Beach VRBO, it’s time to book. Is Instant Book an option? Instant Book means that the host doesn't go through the step of approving guests. If the dates are available you can book immediately. If Instant Book is available and you don't wish to first communicate with the owner or Cannon Beach property management company, go for it.

If Instant Book is not an option you will choose Request to Book. Here you'll have a chance to introduce yourself to the host. I highly suggest taking advantage of this option. On the host's side, you are asking them to trust you with their house or apartment. Take the time to explain who you are traveling with, the purpose of the trip, and briefly indicate why you like the property. Make sure you have a profile photo on your account, and verify your profile. Be sure to put the best light on yourself on your profile page and consider what you would want to know about a person you were considering letting into your home or vacation rental. 

Happy Travels Everyone ~

Thank you for reading our blog about life around our Manzanita area, and the incredible Oregon Coast!

Interested in learning more about our area, our houses, or staying with us? Contact us for information about our beachfront vacation rentals on beautiful Manzanita Beach, Oregon.

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