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Get Your Groove On at the Manzanita Music Festival!

Yep, the city of Manzanita on the north coast has it's very own Oregon Music Festival. You'll find some wonderful sounds at the various venues, so come on down September 14 and 15,


You'll find a great line-up at the Manzanita Beach following Manzanita

Restaurants and live music venues of San Dune Pub, Mighty Thai, and MacGregor’s Whiskey Bar.

Manzanita Music Festival in Manzanita Oregon
Manzanita Music Festival in Manzanita Oregon

At one of our very favourite music festivals in Oregon you'll find the talented line-up includes:

  • Michael Williams Band with very special guest Tony Coleman

  • Johnnie Ward

  • Scratchdog String Band

  • The Urban Shaman

  • Cascade Rye

  • Hayley Lynn

  • Twisted Whistle Duo

  • The Resolectrics

  • Sedona Fire Band

  • DeSolution

  • Sarah Barlow

  • Adams and Costello

We sat down with Beth Carter and Richard Silverman, heading up the behind the scenes crew of the Manzanita Music Festival.

Manzanita Beach Life: Hi Beth and Richard. I appreciate you taking time from all the things that need to be done to get ready for the Manzanita Music Festival. Beth, how did the idea for the Manzanita Music Festival come about? How did you get involved? I can imagine it's a ton of work, not only the logistics but motivating the Manzanita Oregon community that's already busy with the summer tourist season.

Manzanita Music Festival: The motivation for developing a music festival is best explained by our mission statement:

Music connects us all; to joy, shared experiences, and cooperation. Music is essential for healthy communities and a healthy planet. The Manzanita Music Festival is an annual musical celebration featuring emerging and established artists. Our goal is to support artists, enrich our community, and support local schools through ongoing music performances.

Our primary mission is to fund music education in our region. This year we are funding scholarships for kids to rent instruments that will enable them to participate in band. We also want to bring great local and national acts to our community so folks don’t have to travel to see this type of quality music.

Manzanita Music Festival

Manzanita Beach Life: This year's venue is different from last year's Music Festival, when you had several stages and even took over the field next to the Manzanita Lighthouse. Can you tell us a little bit about that, and what this year's festival will be like? How many groups or individual musicians will take part?

Manzanita Music Festival: We are utilizing three venues - which are Manzanita restaurants - this year, the anchor venue being the San Dune Pub. In addition we will have acts at A Mighty Thai and McGregors Whiskey Bar. The Mighty Thai venue is all ages so kids may attend. Using these venues will significantly lower our production costs so more money can go to the schools. This year we will have eleven acts performing. The purchase of a $50 wrist band gains access to all venues.

Manzanita Beach Life: It usually takes a village - how many people are working behind the scenes to make the Manzanita Music Festival a great event?

Manzanita Music Festival: We have a great crew, all volunteer. This year when all said and done we should have approximately 35-40 volunteers. This is truly a Manzanita Oregon community event.

Manzanita Music Festival

Manzanita Beach Life: Why should people come to the City of Manzanita to attend the Manzanita Music Festival?

Manzanita Music Festival: Everyone loves Manzanita. Our town makes a great setting for a music festival. Attendees do not have to contend with crowds as they do at large events. We are limiting this year’s event to 200 passes,.

Manzanita Beach Life: You're holding an exclusive Manzanita Music Festival workshop at our Historic Reed House. What's that about and who are the people attending? Are these just fans or are they professional musicians?

Manzanita Music Festival: As an allied event to the two day festival we are bringing in guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque and his band The Funk Brothers for a show at the San Dune Pub on September 16th followed by a two day music Camp / Clinic being held at the Historic Reed House September 17 and 18 thanks to the donation of The Houses On Manzanita Beach. The Historic Reed House, one of the only historic beach houses in the area and now a treasured Manzanita vacation rental will bring the true spirit of Manzanita to the Manzanita Music Festival's Music Clinic.

As part of our commitment to music education and the arts we hope to be able to offer these clinics on an ongoing basis. We appreciate the donation by The Houses On Manzanita Beach. The camp is open to anyone with an interest in enhancing their musical skills regardless of their level of musical expertise.

Fareed Haque at the Manzanita Music Festival
Fareed Haque at the Manzanita Music Festival

Manzanita Beach Life: What makes our Historic Reed House a good spot to hold the Manzanita Music Festival workshop?

Manzanita Music Festival: Of course the beach and ocean are a great backdrop for creative juices to flow. The Historic Reed House is the perfect size to house our group. The house provides the perfect venue to study, eat and sleep with the music and enjoy the incredible views. We hope to hold many jam sessions on the big deck overlooking Manzanita Beach.

Manzanita Beach Life: Beth, I believe you said there's a Cannon Beach Music Festival in the works. Can you tell us about that?

Manzanita Music Festival: This is correct; the Cannon Beach Oregon event is in the very early stages of development but should be similar in content and mission as Manzanita’s. Stay tuned for more details.

Manzanita Beach Life: What's in store for the Manzanita Music Festival 2019?

Manzanita Music Festival: Each year we learn from previous years to enhance the experience for attendees and also better financially support our mission. This certainly will be the case for Manzanita Music Festival 2029. We are looking into the possibility of using the amphitheater at the Nehalem Bay State Park for a headline act.

Manzanita Beach Life: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? We're looking forward to lots of good music!

Manzanita Music Festival: We are confident people attending Manzanita Music Festival 2018 will have a great time, hear some incredible music, all while supporting a great community cause.

Manzanita Music Festival

Tickets are only $50 for entrance to all the venues. You can purchase tickets to the Manzanita Music Festival here.

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Have a groovy Manzanita Music Festival everyone ~

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Historic Reed House Manzanita Oregon
Manzanita Music Festival Workshop at the Historic Reed House

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