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Required Covid-19 Questionnaire

As mentioned in our last email, we are required to collect the following information. We appreciate your cooperation and patience with this process.

At this time, there are no restrictions on open Lodging and the State Parks remain open. Therefore we're open, and the beautiful beaches and parks are available with mask wearing and social distancing suggested. That may change based on the CDC guidelines.

We trust our guests to follow mandated guidelines, make the decision best for themselves and trust they will look after their own safety

NOTE: we cannot have you visit without a response to these questions. Submitting your response as soon as possible is much appreciated.

Please confirm that no person in your party:

Please provide all names of each member of your party.  For each person, we need their unique and personal mobile telephone number and email address.  This must be supplied for each individual person, not a shared one for two or more people.*

We are required to have these on hand in case contact tracing is needed. If a guest is a minor, please provide their name, then the responsible family member or adult within the group for that minor.

PLEASE NOTE: We are required to have your response within 48 hours of your arrival. 


In clicking "Accept," below, I confirm that the above information is true and correct, and confirm I have read all terms and policies contained within the Rental Agreement

Thanks for submitting!

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